Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weigh In Wednesday

Thanks for all of the comments & emails about yesterday. After laying around all afternoon & evening I woke up feeling fine this morning. Hopefully, I won't have another episode any time soon. It did cross my mind last night that this could be the universe's way of telling me I don't need anymore shoes. There's a pair of flip flops I want at Shoe Station & I stopped at a different location to get them when I went for my mammogram & they didn't have them. My plan was to stop again yesterday after my appt. to see if they ever got any in. So much for that.

I lost 1.4 pounds this week. For all of you ladies that dread the weigh in at the Doctor's office I have news. If you ever have to see the breast specialist (I hope nobody does but stuff happens) they don't weigh you! They just ask you "about how much do you weigh" & you tell them & they take your word for it. Pretty cool huh??

My workouts since last weeks weigh in - Friday I ran for 30 mins. I'm still not up to 3 miles. I guess I'll get there eventually.  Saturday morning I went for a 3 mile walk. Towards the end of the walk I did some sprints. I keep reading about the Tabata style workouts so I'd sprint for 20 seconds & then walk for 10. I did it a few times & got my heart rate up so I'd burn more calories. I don't ever run 2 days in a row so I thought this would be a way to burn some calories & get my metabolism going before the wedding. Monday I did another 30 min. run. I was supposed to go to Yoglates yesterday but my Dr. put the kabosh on that. When I said the words Yoglates in a 95 degree studio her response was "not a good idea". No biggie, I'll just go today. Yeh right. Remember how I talked about the whole overtime deal? Yeh that's starting today. Sort of.  I don't have to work past my normal quitting time (4:30) but I can't leave for Yoglates (3:45) & I did get here at 7:00.  I guess that means I'll have to go home & watch the finale of Housewives of O.C. HA!



  1. Well I am glad you are feeling better - AND that you didn't hit the floor or something when you passed out!
    I hope this episode won't make you have anxiety about your anxiety - I can SO relate to that.
    Can't wait for the OC finale and reunion. Jesus Barbie is truly making me SICK this year. She looks HORRIBLE. How can she honestly think she looks better now???

  2. You go girl!! You are dropping pounds like crazy. SO proud!

  3. Ick, I think I would have passed out too. I hate mammograms much less the ultrasound thing-y.