Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Fun

We had a lovely weekend & as usual it wasn't long enough but I guess it never will be. Friday night we ate at Caliente, the new Mexican restaurant near our house. I really enjoyed it. Everything was so good.

Saturday Dean's cousin got married so that's how we spent the afternoon. Since my parents & Dean's parents were all at the wedding we decided to celebrate Father's Day afterwards at our house. Scott, Lydia & Logan came too. Dean grilled salmon, pork chops & veggies. It was all delicious as usual!

We played in the pool for awhile. Dean & I got Logan an inflatable slide for our pool for his birthday & this was the first chance he got to try it out. 
He was very excited when he saw it. That's Logan with his daddy.
Logan & my daddy. He slid a lot & even managed to get me on the slide with him. I'll spare you the pictures of that!

After spending last weekend at LSU for the ballgames I swore that yesterday would be a day of nothing for me. 2 late Sunday's in a row made for very long, tiring weeks & I didn't want to do anything. Aside from Mass, grocery shopping, some laundry & dishes I succeeded. I read a book, napped & watched tv. Delightful!



  1. AH, sounds like a relaxing weekend:) Your pool is so nice! Hope your hubs had a happy F's day. XO, Pinky

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Mexican is my favorite food ever!!

  3. Sometimes we really need those days to catch up. I haven't had many lately and I look forward to having one myself this coming Sunday after spending Friday and Saturday at my class reunion!

    Your pool looks wonderful...sigh...wish I had one, so hot here!