Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Monday

I'm tired. Really tired.

I took the day off Friday because work has been crazy & I needed a break. My plan was to run & then hang out in the pool for awhile. Well, in an unlikely turn of events we had a cool front come through. It was still like 89 but there was virtually no humidity & 20 mph winds. That made for a cool pool. My mom & I went to lunch at Roberto's. You know, home of the world's greatest shrimp po boy?? It didn't disappoint. Paul Mainieri, LSU's head  baseball coach has lunch at Roberto's every Friday. He came in with an entourage while we were there. I don't like Mainieri. He's pompous & arrogant. He's had many nicknames over the years in my house but my favorite is "the little leprechaun". That's how Dean's cousin refers to him. He coached at Notre Dame for a long time is very fond of saying "at Notre Dame we did blah blah blah" or "that's how we did it at Notre Dame". THIS IS LSU DUDE!! WE DON'T CARE WHAT YOU DID AT NOTRE DAME.

Friday night was the first night of the NCAA Baseball Regionals. LSU played  ULM. I was very happy about the weather. I've NEVER been that cool in June at a baseball game. It was delightful. LSU won.

Saturday my mom came over & we spent a few hours in the pool & Dean grilled burgers. The water was still a little chilly. Dean & I went to Mass & to eat at Casa Maria & then it was back to the ball park. LSU played Oregon. O.M.G. Slowest game ever. Those west coast schools play a different type of baseball & I don't have the patience for it. I swear it felt like a 5 hour game. My butt was starting to hurt from sitting so long & I was getting hungry. I couldn't resist & had to have these.
Chocolate Dippin Dots. LOVE THEM!!! I tried to refrain but I couldn't do it. It's a small cup, 180 calories. Yeh, I looked it up online before I went & got them.

Sunday morning I ran & that low humidity that we had was no longer. It was sooo hot! Like really hot. I pulled weeds & got even hotter. We had our first uninvited guest in the pool too.
 Yeh, that's a crawfish & he's alive. He was walking around on the bottom of the pool. We have a big ditch/canal thing behind our lot. We've seen egrets fly over with crawfish in their mouths so either they dropped him in the pool or he crawled from the ditch. It's not a long way away but considering the length of his legs it would take awhile.

After my run I decided to treat myself.
A big Dr. Pepper. I haven't had a DP in a couple of weeks. I had no intention of getting one this big but you know .69 any size kinda sucks you in! I was happy to see they have Styrofoam cups now too!! They also have this cute ice. It's like little pebbles. Figures, now that I don't drink them regularly. 

Dean's parents, cousins & niece came to swim yesterday.
Emma, Cody & our niece Camille. 
Emma & Cody are brother & sister. After awhile Emma wanted out of her life jacket & we worked with her on her swimming. She did great holding her breath & swimming under water. When they left it was time to get ready for the ball game. We had to play Oregon again. Things were moving at a much faster pace & then LSU decided to just not do anything to help themselves & it was all tied up. Extra innings weren't in my game plan. Finally, they won in 10 innings & I was able to go home & go to bed. It was after 11:00 so 5:30 came early & I'm tired. That explains the randomness & rambling of this post. Yoglates has been postponed until tomorrow because the thought of not getting home until 6:00 makes me want to pass out.



  1. Brandon kept checking the score last night while we were going to sleep! :). I'm glad they won!! Hope you get rested up this evening!

  2. Oh mu gosh!!!! I thought that was roach. I would have been more scared of a roach believe it or not. Ha! He's kind of cute.

    Your kitchen re do is BEAUTIFUL! I meant to tell you earlier. Great work.

    Raining again today. I'm sick of it but you are right no rain is awful too.

  3. I forgot about those dippin' dots! They are yummy!

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  5. Those dippin' dots look so good! We watched the games on tv! Yay LSU!! I can't believe y'all had a little cool front! It's been SO humid here!

  6. I have never thought about what the birds might drop in my pool...creature wise! Around here I am worried it might be a snake.
    It was almost cold here Saturday morning! We needed jackets (but didn't have any) on the golf course.

  7. This is so sad to say...I've never had Dipping Dots. That pool is gorgeous.

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