Thursday, June 7, 2012

Weigh In Thursday

I was planning to post yesterday but after 3 hours at the hospital (more on that in a minute) I had a pounding headache & didn't want to do anything but lay on the sofa.

I didn't have much change with my weight this week. I'm down 0.2. I'll take it but I was hoping for more. I ran Sunday & Wednesday. Wednesday was a good bit slower than I've been running but it was really humid. Today will be my second Yoglates class this week. This is about the third week in a row that I've gone twice instead of 3 times but it's just how things worked out.

So, back to the hospital. Last week I mentioned that I went for my mammogram. Because of stupid insurance I just had a screening mammo. That's a total waste of time for me because I have "extremely dense breast tissue" so it's hard for them to see. They called & wanted me to come in for a diagnostic. Fine. I was able to schedule it for yesterday on the same day as my yearly exam. Let's just say the hospital wasn't on the top of its game yesterday. There was a lot of sitting around & waiting. Once I had the mammogram I had an ultrasound because they wanted to look at an area more closely. Lovely. More sitting & waiting. Well, they didn't get to me before it was time for my other appt. I went next door had that appt. & went back & waited again. Finally I had the ultrasound. There's nothing suspicious, just some Fibroadenomas which will be watched so that means another ultrasound in 6 months.

During all of this sitting I had time to observe since the book I had downloaded on my Nook wasn't there (annoyed). I discovered that a couple of people felt the need to bring an entourage with them to their mammogram. I can't figure out what the reason would be. It wasn't just like one or two people & maybe they were stopping in on their way somewhere else. It was like 5 or 6 people. It was weird.

One of the many times I was waiting a hospital worker looked at the sign in sheet & called "Mr. Blanchard". She was talking about me. Now this may not seem odd to some of you but I was at Woman's Hospital  & true to their name, THEY ONLY SERVICE WOMEN!!!!

Once I finally got out of that place I decided to reward myself so I stopped at Shoe Station. I'd been their earlier in the week buying our niece a birthday gift & I saw some flip flops I wanted but didn't buy. Well, I stopped at a different location because it was more convenient & they didn't have them. I was seriously bummed. I ended up just stopping at Starbucks & getting an iced green tea. It was better than nothing but I really want those shoes.

Then I had to drive home in a monsoon but I was happy that we got lots & lots of rain at our house. I know my flowers are happy.



  1. Sorry it was so rough. I've actually heard they do service men. They go in for mammos and other routine tests as well over there.

  2. That stinks!! So glad all was okay though!!

  3. I hate Drs' offices & hospitals, so sit around & wait time drives me crazy & also raises my blood!

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  5. Sorry you had such a weird ordeal, Mr. Blanchard! ;) LOL
    It makes me CRAZY that they do that - they have done the same thing to me twice! They KNOW we are too young for mammos - AND - if the mammo is irregular, what do they do???? Send you for the US! WHY not just do the US in the first place?? I do NOT understand that.