Monday, September 28, 2015


Not only is it Monday but it's the end of September. How did that happen??

Saturday was a busy day so I went to the lakes to run early.

LSU played in New York so all was quiet. 

I only had time for 10 miles. 

It wasn't my best but it was by far not my worst either. I talked to my brother for a little bit. He ran 10 too. Of course he started after me & finished before me but that was expected. 

Kickoff for LSU's game was at 11:00 am. That meant brunch & mimosa's for the football party. I was bringing Mimosa stuff & monkey bread. 

I knew there might be a problem when I opened the oven to take it out & the liquid was overflowing into my oven. sigh. The little speck looking things on top are crushed pecans. When I flipped my bundt pan over a couple of pieces came out & that was it. I didn't have time for this commotion. I beat on the bottom of the pan, I tried to ease it out using a spoon around the edges & nothing. This is what I ended up with.

That's a platter of monkey bread. Not that any of this is surprising. What would be surprising is if I cooked something that turned out perfectly. 

Some of the food - grits & grillades, shrimp & grits, breakfast casserole, fruit, banana nut muffins, monkey bread, pumpkin bread and a waffle station.

I had strawberries, blueberries, chocolate syrup, vanilla ice cream & whip cream on my waffle. Considering how things went with the monkey bread I got Allie to make my waffle. I didn't want to make a mess or break something at someone else's house. Everything was so, so good! 

Not long after kick off I left with my mom to go to Anna Claire's Sip & See. 

The picture is deceiving. She only weighs like 7 lbs. She's tiny with a tiny head. She's also not awake during the day. LOL! 

I loved the cake!

It tasted as good as it looked! After we visited for awhile it was back to the football party to watch the end of the game. LSU won but it certainly wasn't pretty. 

We didn't do a thing Sunday but watch football & a movie & I napped. It was great!

This morning I got my 6 miles in. 

I had to use Map My Run because I forgot to charge my watch.  I'm trying to do the workouts that the Varsity Sports running group is doing even if I'm not running with them. Today was just an easy run which was fine with me. 

So basically the same old thing is going on over here.



  1. You did good! You're to hard on yourself!!

    Jane x

  2. Great job this weekend!! Yum that monkey bread looks amazing - I say, it all goes in the same place, who cares what it looks like! :D

    1. Thanks! That's so true about not worrying what it looks like!

  3. Awesome 10 mile run! I imagine the monkey bread still tasted great, even if it didn't look the way you wanted it to. Sometimes baking is a tricky thing and my cakes/cookies/whatever do not turn out the same way twice, even if I make it exactly the same way!

  4. I'll bet no one complained about the Monkey Bread, it looked delicious! You guys had quite the spread, & it all looked great!

    Oh, my what a sweetie! Now, she's a niece, right? Yum, that cake looked delicious & beautifully decorated!