Monday, September 21, 2015

Game Day!

Friday after work I had a hair appointment & then some of us went to Caliente. Typical Friday night.

The LSU game was at 2:30 & we were hosting this week's party so I ran early. 

The scenery is just so pretty. I was planning to run 11 miles so I ran all through campus. With the game being early there was even more activity than normal. People were everywhere getting their tailgate parties set up. 

Since Varsity's running group wasn't starting until 7:30 I couldn't run with them but I did their workout. The last 4 miles were to be the fastest of the 11 & it's supposed to be at "marathon pace". I'm not running a marathon, I'm just trying to run a faster half. 

My time this week was 7 minutes faster than last week but last week was a slow run for whatever reason 

After having my watch for almost 2 years I finally hooked it up to the computer & figured out how to upload the info from my watch.

I was very excited to see the splits for my last 4 miles. Now if I can just start out a little faster things would be great!

We had a ton of good food. Dean cooked pork on his Primo for like 7 hours, we had baked beans & coleslaw to go with it, along with apps & dessert. 

I love Great American Cookie Company's cookie cake. I don't know what they do to those cookies but I swear I could eat the whole thing by myself. I did refrain.

Then there was this

So, so good. Anna's living in Houston now & she came home this weekend & brought a bunch of it home in a Yeti. I think she should've brought more. Based on the reactions I got when I posted the pic on FB she could've made a ton of money!

We had a really fun night. We had a house full of people, good food & drinks & LSU won! 

Yesterday was a total rest day. We went to Mass & grocery shopping & I didn't leave the sofa very much the rest of the day. 

On Monday's Varsity runs at 5:30 p.m. It's still really hot at that time. They post the workouts online so I did today's workout at my normal 4:45 am run. It was 2 880's, 2 440's & 2 220's with a minute in between to rest. I did warm up & cool down miles for a total of 6 miles. 

Speed work works!



  1. You're killing it with all the runs!! I agree about Great American cookies. They are so good. And I'm still hoping ours in the mall will get Dr. Pepper icees one day. ;)

  2. Way to go with your faster time! That's awesome! Blue Bell hasn't hit the stores here yet and I'm dyyyyyingggggg!!

    1. Thanks! I was excited! We're going to Houston in a couple of weeks & if Blue Bell hasn't made it here by then we'll be bringing more home!

  3. Wow! You are so fit. I wish I have your stamina and will power. I want me some ice cream now!....Christine