Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Weekend Happenings

Friday after I work I was on a mission to find shoes & a clutch to go with my dress for a wedding we have next weekend. Not just a fail, an epic fail. I found nothing. I can ALWAYS find shoes. It was depressing. I saw on FB that the Strawberry Shortcake Frap would be leaving Starbucks soon since it's seasonal. I'm not a huge strawberry fan but for some reason I really wanted one.

It was incredible! I'm kinda glad I hadn't tried it sooner. I would've had way too many. 

Friday night was the usual dinner at Caliente. 

Saturday morning I was up early for my long run at the lakes. 

It was a beautiful day but hot & humid. 

 I'm trying to run with one of the running clubs in town to help me get faster. They were meeting at 7:30 for a 6 mi. run. They're training for the Louisiana Marathon & Half which is in January. Since my Disney race is in Nov. I needed to run more than 6 mi. I started at 6:30 & did 4.3 mi. before meeting the group at 7:30. 

I've been wanting to run with the group for awhile because I get tired of being by myself but then I don't want to go to the group runs by myself. It finally occurred to me that if I want to do something I just need to do it. I can't depend on other people. I'm glad I went. I was uncomfortable standing around by myself waiting to start. I was all sweaty from the 4 mi. I'd already ran, everyone else looked fresh as daisy's which I don't understand because the humidity was awful! Anyway, I stood there by myself & then I ran by myself with the group. It was my fastest 6 miles ever. Yes, it was hard & I definitely pushed myself but I was so happy when I was done. Hopefully, Scott & Lydia will be able to go with me some so I'm not always by myself. 

Saturday night was LSU's first game. All of our friends were out of town so Dean grilled steaks & we were all ready to watch & eat. Then the lightening started. I think they played 10 minutes. There was delay after delay after delay, then the rain came. When I went to sleep they were still waiting it out. They ended up cancelling the game sometime around 11:00.

Sunday we went to Dean's parents for lunch. Scott, Lydia & Logan were at their camp which is only about a half hour from Dean's parents house to we went to visit.

Logan wanted us to go for a boat ride so we did.

He loves boats so much!

I on the other hand am not a big fan. I sat on the floor of the boat because it's the least scary spot.

His daddy lets him "drive" in the open water. It's serious business!

Gotta love boat hair!

On the way home from their camp I saw on FB some other friends were at their camp which was just a few minutes away so we stopped there. We ended up on another boat ride. This one was more my speed - a party barge that goes slow! We had a really nice day.

Monday I made the mistake of not setting a clock. I got up a little before 8:00. 

The temp felt good when I started my run but the humidity again was 90%. It was awful! So awful. My time wasn't bad so I was happy about that. I didn't think I'd ever cool off. We ended up running errands & going to lunch so I didn't take a nap & then I couldn't sleep last night. I tossed & turned & tossed some more. 

How was everyone's Labor Day?



  1. Love your boat pics! I think it's awesome that you went to the running group!! You are killing all of your runs!

  2. Good for you being able to push yourself through that intense humidity to get your runs in! Every time you talk about the humidity, I get transported back to my childhood in West Monroe. My mom didn't have a clothes dryer, so one of my chores was to help her hang the clothes on the line and then check every day or so (no kidding) to see if they were dry.....I can still remember the smell of clothes that had been hanging outside for a couple of days. Definitely not the sweet, fresh smell that you expect from laundry dried on a clothes line!

    I think that Logan is going to be a lady-killer.....he is so darn cute!

  3. That LSU rain delay game was against my hometown college, McNeese! Everyone was disappointed in the delay, but I'm glad they took the safe option! Way to go on getting out there and running with a group! I was in the same boat as you when I first started - I didn't know anyone and I went alone for about 6 months before finally making friends! It's so worth it, though!!

    1. I saw your IG post about McNeese. So many people were complaining about it. I just don't get that. If someone would've been hurt it would've been awful. I'm hoping to make some friends running. It gets old running by myself I have a few friends that run but not as consistently as I do.