Monday, October 5, 2015


Sunday was our 12th anniversary. I like to drag out the celebration. Why just celebrate one day when you can do 3??

Friday after work I went to Hollydays with Jackie, Allie & Cindy. The Baton Rouge Junior League puts on the holiday shopping market every year. We had a fun afternoon. We all bought some clothes & sampled lots of little treats. 

I stopped by my neighbors for a few minutes for cookie cake for Amelia-Ann's birthday. Then for dinner Dean & I went to French Market Bistro. I've never been & it was really good. I had the sea bass special.

The sea bass was topped with crab meat & served over cheese grits with asparagus. So so good!

You have to get dessert for your anniversary! We ordered the Louisiana Lust. It was Chocolate Chip, Frangelico & pecan pie with warm chocolate glaze & vanilla ice cream. Really good!

The weather was supposed to be fabulous Saturday morning so I slept a little later than normal & started my run around 7:15. It was cool & gorgeous!

I was surprised when I ran by Mike the Tiger's "habitat" (it's a multi million dollar place) that he was not only awake but walking around. Mike is LSU's mascot & he likes to nap. 

He's a really pretty animal.

He just paced back & forth.

I had a 12 mile run scheduled. My time isn't accurate. I forgot to stop my watch when I stopped to see Mike so I was a little faster than this which is awesome for me!

I've been wanting to try the Toasted Graham Latte from Starbuck's. I keep hearing how good it is so after my run I went & got one. 

It's definitely worth the hype. I love a good pumpkin spice latte but this has moved into the #1 spot for me. I was disappointed to see that our Starbuck's doesn't have fall cups. What's up with that??

After a nap & Mass a small group of us met at Caliente to watch the first half of the LSU game. We ate, had a margarita & then went to Dennis & Jackie's for the second half. 

Cindy, me & Suzy 

We had a little fire & watched the rest of a not so good game. LSU won but not like they should have.

Me & Jackie

Sunday Dean & I went to Ruffino's for brunch. There were bottomless mimosa's,

a crab meat omelet with the best bacon you'll ever eat. It's called Benton's bacon & it comes from Arkansas.

Then there was dessert. 

That cheesecake tasted like fudge. It was really good. However, it wasn't as good as the white chocolate bread pudding we had before it. Yes, we had 2 desserts. I think there was miscommunication on the part of the wait staff. One guy asked if we wanted dessert so we ordered the bread pudding. We ate that, then they brought out cotton candy because that's what they do at Ruffino's, then they brought out the cheesecake & said they were trying to send us into a diabetic coma. No way were we letting dessert go to waste! In hindsight, it may have been a better plan to get the cheesecake to go. Oh well. It was all delicious.

We did some shopping & got some winter clothes. There were a lot of sales. Between what I bought Friday & Saturday I think I'm set. 

You know you live in Louisiana when the first cool snap we get everyone makes gumbo. We went to Brad & Cindy's Sunday night & ate. It was delicious. 

And now it's Monday again. sigh.



  1. Happy Anniversary!! I like drawn out celebrations! :)

  2. Happy Anniversary (sorry for being late)! Sounds like you made the most out of a celebration, Traci! All of the food you share always sounds so amazing! We've actually had a couple of cooler days here, too! The first thing that usually happens here is women start wearing boots and light-weight long sleeves. I braved COSTCO today with The Man and saw several women with boots on! I keep looking longingly at my "faux" Uggs and dreaming about the day I can put them on.....they really don't look very good with capris and that's what I'm still!