Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Girls Weekend!

Thursday after work I headed to Orange Beach for a girls weekend. We had such a good time.

We spent the entire day at the beach Friday.

The water was rough but we got in for a bit. It was cold but not unbearable. October is my favorite time to be at the beach.

I read, napped & ate on the beach & it was fabulous!

The sunset was really pretty.

This guy kept getting closer & closer. 

Then Cindy gave him a chip. He got really close. Y'all know I'm not a bird fan. I was ready to kill her! He must have thought Cindy was trying to kill him because when he was having problems swallowing the chip he moved away. A little while later he was back but close on his heels was a little boy. It was the funniest thing. He must have been about 3 & he only had a floaty on one arm & he chased that bird half way down the beach. He got really close a few times. 

Friday night after we all got ready we went to dinner at a place down the street from the condo called The Gulf.

It was so cute! You could eat out under the palm trees or on the patio.  It's really casual. On one side they have burgers & sandwiches & on the other side a taco bar! Guess what side I chose. I had grouper & grilled shrimp tacos & they were delicious!!! Pretty soon I'm going to turn into a fish taco I've eaten so many lately.

When we got up Saturday morning it was really cloudy so we decided to go to the outlet mall & shop & we had lunch at Lulu's, which I love.

We did this in record time! 

The sale at Kate Spade was too good to pass up. It's really a shame that none of us actually went shopping with anything in mind that we needed. LOL. Let me be clear - these are not all my bags. By this time the sun was out so back to the beach we went but it was cooler Saturday so we didn't get in the water.

 It was really windy all weekend!

Friday was a red flag day. 

The sunset as seen from the balcony!

It's been a busy few weeks. I have a break this weekend if you want to call it that. I have a race Sat. & a race Sun. but they're both 5K's & Saturday night is Halloween but at least I'll be in town. We leave on the 5th for Disney!



  1. How fun! And I'm dying to see your early bday present and what you got at Kate Spade!!!

  2. What a fun weekend with your friends! Look at all of those Kate Spade goodies...I'm drooling over here!! LOL

  3. I envy you and your great time... girlfriends are the best. It looks COLD there!!! Is that a crane? We have herons at the lake and they are super shy...it's hard to even get close for a pic.

    I hope you have some time to slow down. You really are a busy gal!

    Jane x