Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I HATE State Farm!

What's going on in my world? Same old thing. Some things never change. I'm still waiting on State Farm to pay my claim from the infamous hit & run accident of August 10th. I'm frustrated, annoyed & extremely aggravated. It seems that breaking the law means nothing to the insurance company. I guess I'm crazy to think that leaving the scene of an accident should mean you forfeit all rights to give your side of the story. State Farm doesn't agree. They also give the little punk that hit me 14 days to respond to them. Seems excessive in this day & age when everyone has a cell phone glued to their hand at all times. I filed the claim August 19th. Why a week after the accident you ask? Good question. That's because of the police dept. They wouldn't give me any insurance information for the punk because I may have gotten the license plate number wrong & we can't have anyone filing a false claim. Um, ok, the license plate number belongs to a silver Olds Allero which is the kind of car that I said hit me because when the punk was standing at my window begging me not to call the police he told me "it's an Oldsmobile Allero". Moving on. As of yesterday, contact hadn't been made with the punk. Apparently, he doesn't have voice mail on his phone. Aside from being annoyed I'm also confused. HOW were the police able to get in contact with him?? They didn't go knocking on the door like I thought. They called him. Apparently he answered the phone. He even went in to the police dept., gave the insurance information, admitted he was driving the car & was charged with hit & run & failure to maintain control. That's not enough for State Farm. Well, it might be once the 14 days is up & they transfer the claim to another dept. that uses different measures - the police report.  Funny, seems like being that it's the official document you might want to use that first but what do I know? Of course that would be a problem because State Farm doesn't have the police report. It takes 10-14 days for them to receive it after they request it. That was done August 20th. Funny, that wasn't mentioned when I was filing the claim & asking about getting the report because I could've had it to them within a day. Have I mentioned I'm annoyed? 

So while all that's been going on I was having pain after eating. My first thought was my gallbladder. Went to the Dr. & had the ultrasound & everything came back fine. I was extremely relieved because we have a lot going on in the coming weeks & months & I do not have time for surgery! The pain could be all sorts of stuff apparently. I haven't had it since before the ultrasound & the Dr. gave me some meds to try for a month. I'm kinda thinking the pain could be from being so annoyed with the hit & run fiasco. Stress does funny things. 

Friday night we went to Fete Rouge for the first time. There were a ton of restaurants there with food & wine  tastings. It was a lot of fun & we got to visit with friends we hadn't seen in awhile.

Me, Karen & Renee'

If you're wondering what that thing around neck is - it's a wine glass holder. Awesome for when you have a plate & fork in your hands & you're trying to eat! 

Saturday morning I went for my long run at the lakes. I ran 3.5 mi. then met up with my brother & sis-in-law for Fleet Feet's Brooks Power Hour. There was a contest to see how many miles you can run in an hour. 

There was no chance I would win but I guess I'm a little competitive because I managed 6 miles in an hour. First time ever! 

After my run I went & had a mani & pedi with Amelia-Ann. It always feel good after a long run.

Saturday night was the wine dinner that the Knights of Columbus host every year at our Church.

Me, Steph, Suzy & Jackie

It was a fun night!

Dennis, me, Matt, Suzy, Jackie & Steph. Dean must have been talking to someone.

Monday I ran with Cindy.

I did a leg workout after work & now I'm sore!

Yesterday was arm day & I signed up for this.

Registration opened yesterday for OLOL's first annual Half  Marathon in March. Being registered for races keeps me motivated. So I have the Disney Half in Nov., the Louisiana Half in Jan. & the OLOL Half in March. 

Cindy ran with me again today.

 Horrible humidity & sore, tired legs made me feel like I was moving much slower. I was happy to see that I wasn't. 

How's everyone doing?



  1. Sorry about the insurance fiasco. Hope they get it all straightened out very soon!!

  2. Sorry about the accident, Traci. Hope you weren't hurt and whatever you are feeling goes away. Don't you just hate these in companies dragging their feet? They sure don't drag their feet when they are collecting premium fees. Thanks for continued prayers for Rea. Our baby girl is doing very well but I can't help getting nervous every time she has to go in for scans.....Christine

  3. So sorry it's been such a headache with State Farm! Hope you see something from them soon! Sounds like you've had a lot of great runs this week...congrats on the 6 miles in an hour!! Hope you had a great labor day weekend!! :)

    1. Thanks! It's so frustrating. They called Friday to tell me someone would be calling me in 3-5 days.

  4. I think my current payment for insurance on my home and two cars is about the same as I paid for just liability coverage on a 16 year old male driver in 1983?
    State Farm

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