Monday, July 6, 2015

July 4th Fun!

Of course being a holiday weekend we ate a lot. Thursday night was Walk On's & Friday night was Caliente. 

I found something new at Caliente - can you believe there's something I haven't tried?? Adobo Chicken tacos. Yum! I love their tortilla soup!

Friday morning we worked in the yard. I pulled a lot of weeds & I didn't finish. I can deal with the heat but the humidity was crazy & I was soaking wet in about 4.7 seconds. I finally just got in the pool & floated for awhile. I swam some laps too. 

Saturday I go up early to get a run in before all the July 4th festivities started. Also to beat the heat. 

 It was hard. I figured out that I wasn't hydrated enough. It's crazy what a difference that makes. I drank water Friday but considering how much I was sweating I didn't drink enough. 

After the run I found a nail salon that was open & I had a pedicure. Y'all just don't know how good it feels to have someone massage your calves & feet after a run! 

Then it was time for the party. We hung out with all of our neighbor friends at Jackie & Dennis'. 

We were able to float in the pool for a bit before the torrential rains came. I honestly don't remember the last day that it didn't rain. It's ridiculous! 

We had a really fun day with lots of good food. There was a dip that I really liked & it was healthy with black beans in it. I have to get that recipe. 

Sunday afternoon was Cael's birthday party. I got zero pictures of Cael or any of the other kids because I was too busy playing with precious little CC!

CC is Cael's cousin & I haven't see her since she was a little baby. She turns a year old this month. 
Again, there was a torrential downpour when it was time to leave the party. The only good thing I can say about the rain is that my plants love it & I'm not having to go out in the ridiculous heat to water them & it's not raining early in the morning so it doesn't interfere with my runs.

Today I actually didn't have a hard time getting up. I slept good.  My plan was to run 5 miles. That's what I've been doing during the week. I was at 4.6 &  I decided that I didn't feel bad at all so I was going to go 6. I wasn't sure I'd make it to work on time but I was going to try.

I did 6.1 because I wanted to compare my time to Saturdays run. So, I was faster & my average heart rate was lower & I burned FEWER calories. That makes sense because of the lower heart rate but geeze! 

Now I just have to figure out how to keep that pace the whole 13.1 miles & I'll have an awesome PR!



  1. You did so well with running even over the weekend! I didn't do much of anything except two arm workouts and I rode my bike with Cohen a few times up and down the road. ;)

  2. That soup looks out of sight and I order chicken tacos quite a bit at any restaurant that has them. Yum!

    Your holiday festivities look like they were a blast and I hear you on the humidity and rain. Here, too.

    Good for you with the running as always. Even on a bad day you beat good days of many runners!

    Jane x

  3. Great job with your running, Traci! This humidity is ridiculous. Ugh.