Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I'm glad it's Wednesday but at the same time I keep thinking it's Thursday. Work is crazy.
A co-worker is out which means I do 2 jobs. Not fun. Oh well.

Friday night a group of us went to eat at Ruffino's on the River in Lafayette & we took their party bus. We've never been to the restaurant in Lafayette, just Baton Rouge but it was so worth the trip.
6 couples went & it was so fun. Surprisingly, we didn't have any problem with traffic. This is more of a miracle actually. See the traffic in this town is crazy & going to Lafayette means crossing the dreaded bridge. That would be the bridge over the Mississippi River that ALWAYS & I do mean ALWAYS has an accident or the dreaded stall. Seriously, it's news if there are no problems on the bridge. You would know the time we're on a party bus with nothing but time is the time we zip right along.

I've always thought my hands were big but they look huge in this picture! We've discussed how I have freakishly long arms but apparently freakishly large hands go with them.
We had their signature summer cocktail.

I don't remember what it was called but it had hibiscus vodka (didn't know there was such a thing) & champagne & some other things. I thought it was great. Some of the others weren't fans.
I had a hard time deciding what I wanted. Dean & I each got an appetizer & shared them. He got the crab meat cheesecake. This is usually my go to at Ruffino's. I LOVE it but the Seafood Martini was sounding really good so I got it.

Shrimp & avocado? You can't possibly go wrong. Those shrimp were so good! I had veal something or other for my meal & it was delicious too.
When we did the cooking class in Baton Rouge the chef from Lafayette was there watching how things were done because she was going to offer the classes in Lafayette. We saw her as soon as we walked in. I think she was surprised we remembered her. After our meal she came to the table & we told her how good the food was & we thought it was better than Baton Rouge. A little while later this happened.

We looked up & desserts were coming from every direction. The Chef & our wait staff were delivering Tiramisu & some sort of concoction with a ice cream to us. We were full & didn't need it but when the Chef sends out free dessert you have to eat it right??
When you go to Ruffino's there is always cotton candy at the end of the meal.
It's their thing. I did not eat any of it.
Saturday I went to a play. Our friends son was in Shrek The Musical. It was so good!

Myles takes classes every week & they do a lot of shows but this was the first one I'd gotten to see.

Dean & I went to Caliente Saturday night. Again, we were full & here comes Jessica (the owner) with some sort of chocolate cake & ice cream that was incredible. The cake is gluten free & she wanted us to try it. We're the Caliente Guinea Pigs. Apparently, it was the weekend of free dessert.
Good think workouts are going well.

Sunday I went to the lakes with our crew that's doing the Disney Wine & Dine Half. We did intervals which makes the miles go by faster. I did run the last 1.25 without stopping. They're all triathletes & running isn't their favorite thing to do so they've just started training. Since most of my running is spent alone I enjoy being able to go with them when I can.
Monday I was up early to do weights.

I need to do a better job because that's not enough calories to burn!

Tuesday was a run day.
I only did 5 miles because I needed to get to work a little early. I had every intention of doing legs when I got home yesterday but I worked late & certainly wasn't in the mood when I got home.
Today was arms again.
Did better with the calorie burn. Guess that means I have to keep doing burpees!!
So now that you're caught up, what's happening with y'all? 


  1. Ughhh that bridge always seems to get us every time too. I despise that bridge! lol Looks and sounds like a great time! That's cool that the chef had all those desserts sent to your table! :)

    1. I think everyone feels that way about the bridge! If you're ever in Lafayette & are up for a nice meal I highly recommend Ruffino's!