Thursday, July 23, 2015

Friday Eve!!

Thankfully the week has gone by fairly fast. I have a couple of errands to run today at work so hopefully that will make the day go by fast.
Tuesday when I got home from work I did a leg workout. Burpees, a bunch of squats & lunges, leg lifts, more burpees. I don't like burpees but I don't really like squats & lunges either.
I was excited to see 242 calories burned. I seem to have a hard time breaking the 200 mark. That's the bad thing about working out at home & not going to a class like Yoglates. I'm  pretty sure I rest too much between exercises. it doesn't feel like it at the time. I normally just do a few sets of each exercise but I've got a ton of workouts pinned so I'm going to try a couple of those.
My brother sent me this picture the other night.
Clearly, someone dressed themselves after bath time! hahaha! Every time I look at this picture I crack up. That hat was one of his Christmas gifts from me & Dean. I'd brought him to eat one day & he saw a man with a hat on like that & he told me he "wanted a golf hat". He wasn't too enthused with it at Christmas but he's recently decided he likes it.
Wednesday was arm day.

Again less than 200 calories. Even though it's arm day I do a bunch of burpees to raise my heart rate. Still didn't do the trick.
Last night I sliced up a sweet potato & tossed it in olive oil & Cajun seasoning & baked it in the toaster oven. They were really good. Although, I would've liked for them to be crispier. I don't know how to do that. They baked for like 35 mins. I was starving & couldn't wait any longer. I've been buying Bolthouse Farms salad dressing. It's made from yogurt & doesn't have any of the usual crap. No preservatives or high fructose corn syrup & it's low in calories. I love the salsa ranch but they were out last time I was at the store so I got blue cheese. It's good too & I used it to dip the sweet potatoes in. DELISH! I had a salad with it. Everything was good but I'm getting tired of eating the same things. I may have to suck it up & actually look at some recipes & attempt to cook something.
Speaking of food. We're having birthday cake at work. Today's cake is Black Forest. As much as I love chocolate, an actual chocolate cake isn't my favorite thing. I'm not crazy about cherries either so I'm going to try to refrain.
Today was a run day. My friend from work Amber came with me again for a couple of miles. It's really nice to have company.

It wasn't as stifling outside as Tuesday but it's still pretty hot. This morning heat index was 83. I'm hoping for overcast skies Sat. for my 8 miler.


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  1. Logan's pic cracked me up!!! :) I'm ready for the weekend, too!