Monday, July 20, 2015

So NOT Ready For Monday!

I really hate how fast the weekends go by. Stay busy & they fly by, stay home & do nothing & they last longer but you're staying home & doing nothing. Sometimes that's fine but sometimes I want to do stuff.
I stayed on track with my workouts last week. One day I'll consistently burn over 200 calories on arm day.
Aren't my weight lifting gloves cute! I ordered them from Sparkle & Sweat. Dean rolled his eyes when he saw them but I was getting serious callouses on my hands & I can't have that!
One day last week was an exciting mail day.
Me & Cindy's Disney tickets for the race! November will be here before we know it!
My days are all confused but one day last week I needed to get to work early so I only ran 5 miles.
On Tuesdays one of the guys I work with host a men's Bible study at lunch in one of our conference rooms. One of the guys that came brought a piece of ginger.
It smells so good!
I've been reading about the greatness that are Oofos. No idea how to pronounce it. Everyone says they're the most comfortable shoes ever & great for recovery after a long run. I hadn't bought any because nobody in the area sold them & I didn't want to order online not being able to try them on first. Our local Fleet Feet posted on Facebook a few weeks ago that they'd ordered them. Random fact - we bought our house from the Fleet Feet owner - so I messaged her & asked her to let me know when they came in.
They came in & I got the pink & grey. LOVE THEM! They're so comfy. They have arch support too. I really like the pink & grey because the pink part is shiny. Kinda like patent leather. I find the others look a little Croc like. Not really a bad thing but I like the shiny better.
Wednesday I was invited by some friends to a ladies luncheon for Scott Angelle who is running for Governor of Louisiana. It was very nice & he was a very good speaker. Once the luncheon was over they announced that if you had a sticker on your chair you won the centerpiece. Guess who won?
Pretty right? I love fresh flowers. Especially when they've been arranged by a professional.
Thursday morning was a run day! My friend from work has been saying she wanted to run with me. She lives close so she came for part of my run. It's nice having someone to talk to.
I'm not sure what will happen with my runs when school starts. Traffic is so much better in the morning during the summer that I can run my 6 miles & get to work on time. I don't usually have much time to spare so I'm going to have to figure out a way to speed up how long it takes me to get ready.
We had a birthday at work Thursday. We had cookie cake.
I'm having a hard time with my willpower but I managed to have a small piece Thursday & none on Friday.
Friday night our crew went to Caliente for dinner. No big surprise there.
Saturday morning I ran 7 miles. I got up early to try & get it done before it was so ridiculously hot. The heat index was still 85 but it wasn't awful. Some random bug bit me on the back & it's driving me crazy but other than that all was good.
Cindy & some of her friends have a Triathlon August 1 so they were riding & running Sat. She set up a fuel station & it was awesome!
She told me Friday night at dinner that it would be set up by the time I finished my run so I ran my route so I'd finish  near her house. That was the best tasting chocolate milk ever!!! After that it was home for a protein pancake & Powerade, then some pool time. After I cooled off I did a leg workout.
Dean's brother & his girlfriend were in town so we went to dinner with them & Dean's parents.
Sunday we went to Mass early, did our grocery shopping & I did a arm workout.  
Still not burning 200 calories. UGH! I spent more time in the pool & I took a nice long nap!
We went to a charity event last night for abused kids. There was a silent auction but I didn't see anything I was dying to have. Caliente provided the food & she invited us to go.
Now it's Monday again which is annoying. UGH. Hopefully, the day will go by fast!


  1. Wow---you are busy! Of course weekend go by fast, they are supposed to be times to relax and you never stop!! I wish I could be so disciplined!

    Jane x

  2. Congrats on winning the centerpiece! That's exciting!! YAY for Oofos! Love love love them! Great job with your workouts, too! I agree, weekends are never long enough!

    1. The only problem with the Oofos is I can't wear them to work! Have a great day!