Thursday, June 11, 2015

St Croix

The first port of our cruise was St. Croix. We'd booked a beach excursion at Rainbow Beach. We were told we could walk. Some of the group wasn't excited about that. Others thought it would be nice to walk. Dean & I were part of the walking crew. When we asked a local where Rainbow Beach was he pointed "right over there". The taxi driver said "walk to Rainbow Beach???". Personally, I thought he just wanted more fares. Some rode, some walked. The walk was really pretty! 
 See that little rocky area on the left of the above pic. That was a lot of our route. Some areas were better & some were worse. Dean injured a toe. There was a close call with the ocean & my beach bag which had the good camera in it. That's how the toe injury happened. It was a little further than "right over there". It really was more along the lines of "walk to Rainbow Beach???". We probably should've walked along the road but there was a nice little beach path that we thought would go the whole way. Not really sure why we thought that & turns out it didn't but we got there!
 Our crew
 If you look closely you'll see a dog on a paddle board. He had on a life vest & everything. I'm not really sure what the point of this was. Nobody got on the board & paddled. Just the dog.

Then there was this.

A wave runner. We were doing a wave runner tour. Turns out I'm not a fan of wave runners. I spent the first 30 minutes of the "tour" saying Hail Mary's while my eyes were on fire because they were full of saltwater. The waves were somewhere in the area of 5-6 ft. high. On the ride back the wind was at our backs & it was better but I'm done. They tell me to hold onto the straps of Dean's life vest on his sides. By the time the tour was over I thought my hands were crippled because I could hardly uncurl my fingers. I felt like I had bruises on the bones of  all my fingers. Dean wasn't a big fan either & neither was Anna. Everyone else loved it. I can swim but I don't like modes of transportation that go in water. 

At the beach there was a little bar & grill that had good food. We ate lunch there & they had delicious pina colada's. 

I really enjoyed laying on the beach with my pina colada. Much more my thing. We chose to take a taxi back to the ship. We walked around a little in the area around the ship & then got back on. 

These were waiting for us in our cabins.
They were from our travel agent & they were delicious. Especially with the bottle of Champagne she had in the cabin when we got there. 

Next up St. Maarten!



  1. A lot of fun so far with some glitches. I'm a rider as opposed to a walker--I'm just lazy. Sorry about Dean's toe. We have two wave runners at the lake, And I know from experience, when we have high traffic or stormy weather, the waves are huge and we don't like to go out. Some get a thrill from that, not us. We like to cruise and enjoy the scenery along the shore.

    In your comment you mentioned high cholesterol. Do you know that's also hereditary? You are one of the healthiest people I know. Maybe that's it?

    Jane x

  2. I'm glad you didn't get your good camera wet!! The beach is beautiful! (And I don't enjoy wave runners at all!)

  3. What a beautiful place to enjoy some "fun in the sun!" I truly love how you are so completely honest about what you like and don't like. I always think, "Don't hold back, Traci, tell us what you really think!"