Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This was my least favorite place. It just looked dirty. People have told us that they love Antigua. I'm guessing they love the all inclusive resorts in Antigua!

This was the view from our balcony when we woke up Tuesday morning.
I had high hopes. It looks like a pretty place. 

There weren't a lot of options for things to do in Antigua so we chose a beach day. A bus - when I say bus I basically mean a van/taxi thingy - brought us to the beach. We drove through what looked to be a really bad area but the beach was pretty & it wasn't crowded at all.  

There was a bar area that served rum punch of course & pretty much any other drink you wanted. Our excursion included lunch. It was good. There was chicken, ribs, salad (great salad) & now I don't even remember what else.

It was cloudy & rained a couple of times which was a bummer but it didn't last too long.

A-A relaxed. Her motto this trip was Sleep, Eat, Fun. She took it very seriously & slept more than I did. 

There was a masseuse on the beach.  When she first approached us she immediately started massaging my shoulders which was a little creepy. I must look like the sucker because this sort of thing is not completely unusual.  Then she started with "Oh, you have knots, you need a massage". Yes, well, I don't doubt that I have knots since a stranger is touching me but ok. Besides I needed something to do since I was currently not in the water. She was very nice & she did give a good massage. $15 for 15 mins. Some of the others had them too. 

There were horses on the beach that you could ride.
 These aren't our peeps. The pictures are strictly for the story.
Here's our group enjoying the water. It was cold but pretty.

Then there's this.
 Again, not our peeps. Luckily for us & not so lucky for Dean he witnessed the horses taking care of their business. Gross, I know. There's more. They were taking care of their business IN THE OCEAN. GROSS. We immediately got out due to the direction of the current. That would be when I decided on the massage. 

 Maddy & her dad Scott looking wistfully at the water. 

Antigua did have some good shopping. I got a Longchamps bag that was actually less expensive than what it is in the States plus no tax. That would also be when the storm started. 

We'd gotten into a little routine once we got back on the ship after our excursions. There was snack time in the buffet area that included a nacho & taco bar. That was really good. There was pizza & all sorts of other stuff too. 

Several days we took naps too. 

My days & nights are confused as to when we were on the ship. We laid out by the pool a couple of afternoons, we went & listened to music a couple of nights after dinner, we saw an ice skating show one night & went to Guess the Lyrics one night. 

Most nights we came back to the room to a cute little animal. 

More later.



  1. We honeymooned in Antigua at an all-inclusive resort and it was beautiful. But when we toured the rest of the island, it is dirty in places and very poor. We took a cruise that stopped in Antigua and we also did the beach excursion bc we had already seen the rest of the island. We loved it while there, but you are right about how dirty, etc.

  2. I'm glad it wasn't as bad as you thought. I would have been totally grossed out about the horses!