Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Embarkation Day!

I put all the pics from my good camera on the computer last night. I have some really good pictures but they don't really look all that great small, on the blog. 

We spent our time in Old San Juan. It was adorable. There was a lot of old architecture & it was very colorful.

I'm not going to pretend to be knowledgeable in geography or history. It doesn't interest me all that much but apparently Puerto Rico is a US territory. Hence, the US flag, the Puerto Rican flag & I don't have any idea of what the other flag is. What did that mean to me? I could use my phone & post pics to Facebook & Instagram.

I have no idea why these pictures are sized the way they are. Chalk it up to me not being tech savvy. I'm lucky I know how to get the pics from my camera to the blog. If you click on them they seem to be a little bigger. 

We were a little worried that we'd have to wait in line a long time to get on the ship. We'd read a lot of reviews saying the later you wait the longer the line. We had until 5:30 to get on board but we decided to head over around lunch time. Good decision. It took 30 mins. from the time we got out of the taxi. That included dropping off luggage, going through customs & having our pictures taken for our sea cards. 

The ship was gorgeous!

It was the biggest ship we've been on. There were around 3100 passengers. 

The lido deck

The first pina colada on board!

This is also the lido deck.

The big Royal Caribbean sign is actually a movie screen. At night they showed movies. Although, there wasn't much variety. It rotated from American Sniper, Paddington & Divergent.

There were some very pretty sunsets!

Everyone always wonders about the cabins.

This is the bathroom. I was standing in the doorway taking the picture.

The shower.

It's just that little opening. 

The room from the entrance.

To the right of the little coffee table was a love seat. We also had a balcony. It makes the room seem a little bigger. It had a table & a couple of chairs. This cabin seemed to be a little bigger than other cruises we've been on. There was also a lot of storage. Lots of cabinets & drawers. Plenty of room for us to unpack & put everything away. We were pleasantly surprised.

Pic before dinner.

This is the only night I have pics from dinner. I never thought about bringing my phone to dinner any other night.  

The food was delicious all week. 

I had mussels for the first time. 

They were good. Tasted kinda like oysters. 

The carrot cake was AMAZING!!

We had crab cakes, lobster, escargot, salads, pasta, duck, lamb (I'm not a fan of duck or lamb), fish & a bunch of other great food. The Lobster & crab cakes were my faves. 

We had a sweet note from our travel agent that she left us a bottle of Sparkling Wine in the fridge.

I liked having the fridge in the room. I had a drink package that included bottled water so I was able to leave water in the fridge. All that other stuff is not ours. Just the typical mini bar fare. You know, M&M's, Cokes & Pringles. Yep, Pringles in the fridge. 

My only complaint about our cabin was the pillows. They were hard & dense. Totally not a fan but they didn't keep me from sleeping. I had a nap just about every afternoon too. It's hard to go back to work when you can't take a nap after having one for like the previous 7 days.

More later! 


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  1. You got spoiled with all the napping! ;) All of your pics and recaps are going to make me want to take a cruise very soon!