Friday, May 1, 2015


So so glad it's Friday. I know that's ridiculous since I did have a day & a half off this week due to not having electricity at work. I'm still sick. I don't feel awful but I don't feel good so that's annoying. 

Wednesday we got to leave work at 4:00 instead of 5:00. With the electricity being out for so long we had server problems & our IT guy needed everyone off the system. It was a beautiful day so when I got home I went for a run. It had been 12 days since my last run. I wasn't expecting it to go well. 

My watch wasn't charged so I had to depend on my app. By looking at this you'd think it was a pretty great run. Not so much. The first mile was great. I felt really good. By the time I got to 2.6 I was not feeling good so I walked 1/10 of a mile & ran a little more then walked the rest. 

I'm running a 5K in the morning at Logan's school. It's Church Fair time & they have a fun run for the kids & 5K. Logan's running the fun run & me, Lydia & Scott are doing the 5K. I came in 3rd place in my age group last year. I'm not expecting that to happen this year. 

We don't have any other plans for the weekend. Since today is the 1st Dean will be working late. I have some errands to run after work but depending on how I feel I could end up at home taking a nap.  I'll watch or listen to the LSU game. I don't even know if it's on tv. Last night they played 14 innings. I don't know what's up with all of the extra inning games this year. I was asleep in the ninth last night. I have such an exciting life. 

Have a great weekend!


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