Monday, May 11, 2015

Fudge, Flowers, Family & Fun!

We had another busy weekend. It started Friday night. Dean & I had dinner at Mike Anderson's. We hadn't been there in awhile & it was really good. After dinner we went to the LSU game. They won so that was good. Saturday morning we had a ton of errands to run. We got up early & got everything done. 

After Mass Saturday we went to Caliente to celebrate Cindy's birthday.

 A little mango margarita. It's become my go to at Caliente.

Waiting for cake. I was the planner of the night & I was told DO NOT get a cake. Brad (Cindy's husband) was going to get it. Epic Fail. He completely forgot. Those are his words. So Cindy's daughter went to Nothing Bundt Cakes to get something but you know, it's Mother's Day weekend. They didn't have anything left. So Baskin Robbins ice cream cake it was. Apparently, 22 year olds don't know that when you buy a cake out of the case you can still have them write something on it. Cindy had a plain white ice cream cake that didn't say anything. I will be taking care of the cake for future birthdays. After the birthday dinner we went back to the ball park for the LSU game. They won again.

Sunday I got up & went for a run early. It wasn't early enough. So humid! I guess summer is officially here.

My parents, Dean's parents & Scott, Lydia & Logan came for lunch & some pool time.

Logan loves when someone throws him around the pool!

I don't know what Logan was doing but I'm pretty sure he was giving me some sort of orders. LOL.

After lunch Dean & his parents went to LSU's game. When Dean came home he had fudge for me.

Our Godchild was at the game & he sent me the fudge for Mother's Day. It was delicious!

I talk about all of our friends that are our neighbors & their kids a lot. We spend a lot of time with them. Amelia-Ann & Alexandra live next door to us & we all moved in the same week. The girls were 6 and 12 when we moved in. These sweet girls brought me flowers yesterday for Mother's Day.

Tulips are my favorite. I thought it was the sweetest thing ever.

We had a great day with our families but we ate WAY TOO MUCH. That means I was up bright & early this morning to work out. 

It was arm day & they were very shaky when I finished. 

Hope y'all had a fabulous Mother's Day!



  1. Awww SO incredibly sweet of the neighbor kids to buy tulips for you for mother's day! Love it! Sounds like you had a great weekend! The pool looks so refreshing! :)

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! Yes, you should definitely be the cake planner from now on. ;) And your pool looks so pretty! The water in my parents' pool is still too cold to get in. I'm hoping by the next few weekends, we can get in.

  3. They are very sweet Karen! It was a great weekend!