Friday, May 8, 2015

Airport Fun!

Last night we went to a fundraiser for Our Lady of the Lake's Children's Hospital. 

It was in a hangar at the airport which was really nice because it was so big but at one point they slid open the big door that the plane drives through & left it open so it was warm. 

Me, Suzy & Jackie. That big white ball is a light!

Dennis, Randy & Dean

Now here's where things get interesting.

Some of you may recognize the guy in the Orange shirt next to Randy & Dean. If not, that would be LSU's head football coach Les Miles & his wife Kathy next to him. Nobody in this picture cares for Les. In a few cases that's putting it REALLY nice. Les & Kathy were the "hosts". I use the term host very loosely. Les got up at the beginning & said a few words. This man talks like nobody you've ever heard. It's weird & the majority of the time you have no idea what he said. I'm not exaggerating. Watch him on ESPN sometime. Example: Everyone in Baton Rouge calls the hospital "The Lake" for short. In Les's little speech he called it "The Lady". I have NEVER heard anyone call it that. So weird. 

We were all talking about how it would be funny to take a picture with Les & I made the comment that we could take a group pic & then blow it up & bring it to all of our football parties & throw darts at it when Les does something stupid. Well, that sealed the deal & the picture happened.  Poor Jackie is standing there with her auction number because she was fanning herself constantly. LOL! 

There was a wine pull. For $25 you get to pull a cork out of a box. It has a number on it & coincides with a bottle of wine & you get that bottle. The wine is valued at $25-$100 per bottle.  
We got this one. 

It's a $30 bottle.

There was a silent auction & a live auction that was fun to watch. There were 2 people going back & forth on a vacation on a yacht that has 9 staff people to wait on you. When it got to $135,000 they ended up selling one to each guy that was bidding. I can't imagine having that kind of money to throw around. One guy is a Urologist & the other is a big time real estate developer in town. A golf weekend. Yes - weekend - 2 rounds of golf went for $45,000. HUH??? Craziness. 

Acadian Ambulance was there with the helicopter & plane they use to transport patients. 

I never realized how big a hangar was until I saw the helicopter inside & there was still PLENTY of room.

Me & Korie checking out the helicopter. It was the "bigger" one & it wasn't big!

Korie, me & Jackie

Dean & I and the Acadian plane. I was surprised at how nice the plane was. 

We had a lot of fun but things like this are definitely an eye opener & make you realize your problems really aren't a big deal. The children's hospital is a St. Jude affiliate. There was a video of a precious little girl talking about how The Lake is her favorite hospital. I thought that was awful. A child shouldn't have a favorite hospital. They shouldn't know what a hospital is. At the silent auction you could bid on oxygen tanks & other supplies that some of the kids need & no more chemo parties. It's very sobering to see those things and makes you very thankful for the life you have.The cute little girl from the video was running around too.  

Have a great weekend & awesome Mother's Day!



  1. Hahahaha to the pic with Les and the thought of you throwing darts at him. :) And you are so right. Kids shouldn't have a favorite hospital. That is sad and really does put small things in perspective!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. This was a very unique location for an event, I know you found it interesting along with some of the people!!! Great cause, too. It really is heartbreaking that these young kids are going through things they simply can't comprehend.

    Love your Cinco De Mayo post, too! Party Girl! :)

    Jane x