Monday, May 4, 2015

Fair Fun!

Scott & Lydia's Church had their annual fair this weekend. St. Alphonsus is also Logan's school. We all ran in the inaugural 5K last year & we did it again this year. 

Me, Scott, Lydia & Logan

Logan ran the 1 mile fun run in less than 10 minutes. He did great!

Last year was the first time I'd ever placed in a race. I was 3rd in my age group. It's a small race but I placed anyway & that made me happy! 

This year I was the 3rd overall female & 2nd in my age group. Woo Hoo!!

Me, Lydia, Deborah & Leanne. I don't know Deborah but she's friends with Leanne. Throughout the race she was in front of me & I finally passed her around mile 2.5. We all placed in or age groups! Me & Lydia were 2nd & Deborah & Leanne were 3rd. Not only did we place but I FINALLY ran a sub 30 minute 5K! 29:10 was my time & I've been waiting for years for that. So now I have a new PR. The weather was gorgeous too & not too hot. 

Scott, Lydia & Logan. I didn't realize it but my phone was set on some weird setting & the color on all of my pics is weird.

After the race I went back to my parents to shower & get ready for the fair. Logan's class sang a few songs.

They were cute! The little girl in the red was really into it. She sang & sang & her head was moving. Too cute!

Once the singing was done it was time to ride. Logan & his peeps were all over the place. 

Lucy Ann, Audrey & Logan are the best of friends. I think Lucy Ann was over the pictures. 

Lydia & Logan

Saturday night Dean & I ate at Caliente. 

A mojito & salsa. YUM!!!!

Sunday after Mass I went to brunch with Allison.

I had the egg sardou. DELISH!! English muffins topped with spinach, poached eggs, crumbled bacon, fried shrimp & smothered in hollandaise sauce. So, so good!!! It came with grits & these awesome potatoes. 

Can't do brunch without a mimosa!

Later in the day I had a taste for froyo. I did a lot of eating this weekend. 

This was a $7 cup of greatness. I went a little overboard. I've NEVER spent $7 on a cup of froyo & I certainly didn't need that much but I couldn't decide. I had vanilla wafer, red velvet & cheesecake topped with Reeses cups, mini cheesecakes, M & M's, mini caramel cups & vanilla chips, all topped with a little whipped cream. It may not sound very good but it was TO DIE FOR!!! If you like froyo & have a Yogurtland near you make sure you get a reward card. By the time I got home they had already emailed me a coupon for 3 free ounces! 

I did a arm workout to make up for eating so much & this morning I did a 4 mile run.

It was a lot slower than my race but that's always the case for me.

Did y'all have a good weekend?


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  1. Sounds like an amazing weekend! Congrats on placing and on your sub 30!! Your fro-yo looks delicious, by the way! :)