Thursday, January 8, 2015

Mardi Gras

It's carnival season! I'm not a big Mardi Gras person. Been to New Orleans once & it was fun but I don't really need to go back. I have Mardi Gras wreaths on my doors & I love anything king cake flavored which is why I'm happy! There's cheesecake & bread pudding & all sorts of other king cake goodness. My first treat of the season was this

CC's King Cake Latte! So delicious! You can also get a King Cake Mochasippi. That's CC's version of a Frappaccino. I didn't know that either. I'm mostly a Starbuck's girl. You may have heard of Community Coffee. It's a local coffee company here in Baton Rouge. CC's is their coffee shops. Someone told me that Community has King Cake flavored K cups! I went to 2 stores Sunday & didn't have any luck finding them. Monday morning on  my way to work I stopped at another store & there they were. They are DELISH!!!

We stayed in pretty much all weekend due to the crappy weather & the dreaded upper respiratory infection that Dean has. He's feeling better now. All of the Christmas stuff is down with the exception of the big tree. It's not decorated anymore but it takes two of us to get it down & packed away and into the attic. Dean was not feeling like tackling that so it'll happen this weekend.

We went to Mass Sunday evening & stopped at Caliente on the way home. I'm looking forward to getting back into that routine as well.

Shrimp tacos and veggies. I had enough veggies left over to bring to work to eat at lunch for 3 days. It was really good.

I thought I was back on track with my workouts after Friday's run & I started Monday off with a walk with my friends.

Yeh not so much. That 3.2 miles is all I've done all week. I had good intentions but it didn't work out. The weather has turned frigid. My plan was to run when I got home from work yesterday. It was in the 40's which while not ideal, I can handle. What I could not handle was the wind. I swear to you it was a hurricane without rain. I've been through a lot of hurricanes so I know. At that point I decided that I need a treadmill. I don't particularly want to buy a treadmill because I want to buy living room furniture. Thankfully, my mom has one & as with most people & exercise equipment it doesn't get a lot of use. YAY for me. As soon as we get all of the Christmas stuff in the attic & I can clear the desk out of the office I'll bringing that sucker home with me. Just in time I'm sure for the summer temps to be back.

This was what it looked like this morning.

Wind chill of 13 degrees. I'm a firm believer that if the wind chill is below 30 nobody should have to leave their houses. Yes, I realize people live in places that are much colder but I don't, I haven't, I never will (by choice anyway) & I don't want to deal with it. The forecast tomorrow says there may be the dreaded "wintry mix". If that's going to happen it needs to happen early, like before 7:00 so that work will be shut down & I can stay home in front of a fire. I'm not getting my hopes up.



  1. I've never heard of King Cake flovored coffee. They may have it here in Baldwin County or maybe Mobile. I'll have to scope it out.

  2. I've only had King Cake one time! I think that needs to change!! :)