Monday, January 26, 2015

Another Weekend

Friday night the majority of our group went to Caliente for Cliff's birthday. It's been awhile since the whole group was together. 

There was flan which was soooooo good & king cake from Ambrosia. Also soooo good!

I've been wanting some new living room furniture & Dean wants a recliner so he was on board. While watching TV the other night there was a commercial for a local store that had a sofa I really liked. So Saturday morning off we went to check it out. I liked it but it wasn't really the color I wanted & it had loose back cushions. I wasn't totally against those but then I found another sofa that was the color I liked & it attached cushions. It was also cheaper by a lot so we have a winner. We bought the sofa, chair & half & Dean found a recliner. I'm not a fan or how recliners look BUT this one is really comfortable & I feel sure I can take a good nap in it so I'll overlook the look of it. It will be delivered Saturday. The chair and a half is on order so it may not make it next weekend but that's ok. 

Once we got home I went for a run. The weather was fabulous. A little too windy but it was ok. It was around lunchtime & I was starving but I wanted to run first so I had one of these.

I love these things! It's like a flat waffle cone that taste like a cookie. So good!

4 miles - I was happy to be able to go that far.

Saturday night we had our cruise excursion party.

Dean had a PowerPoint presentation. We'll be zip lining, feeding pigs beer (I know!!), having a beach day & the rest is to be determined.

Sunday we went to Mass & then didn't do a whole of anything. I had good intentions of cleaning out the office but it didn't happen. We went for a walk.

For the first time in a really long time I managed to either walk, run or bike every day last week. I ran this morning with Cindy. I forgot to charge my watch last night so all I know is I ran at least a 5K. Cindy had her app going but I started a little earlier than her. I think I was somewhere around 3.25. So I have an 8 day streak going. Not bad!



  1. I can't wait to see your new furniture, be sure to share. It's always great when the hubby is on board. Mine wants a recliner, too, for the den I am redoing. I hope I can find one of those space saving ones.

    I am always amazed by your running. I have not hidden the fact that I hate exercising. I'm just wondering...besides the physical benefits, what makes you really happy when you run or bike? I'd love to pick your brain!

    Jane x

  2. I LOVE that Dean had a powerpoint presentation for your party!!! :)