Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Louisiana Marathon Weekend

The Louisiana Marathon has turned into a really big deal in Baton Rouge. Saturday was the 5K, the Kids Marathon and the inaugural 1/4 Marathon. Lydia & I were registered for the Half & Scott his first full. Due to a lot of sickness none of us were able to train for what we registered for. I was super bummed. We were all able to change our registrations so at least we were able to run something. Scott & Lydia did the 1/4 Marathon, I did the 5K and of course Logan did the Kids Marathon. 

It was cold but a beautiful morning. We haven't had many of these days lately. When I say cold it was about 36 at the start of the race. 

I had several friends running the 5K. 

Me, Karen & Allison - The usual suspects.

I watched Scott & Lydia finish their races. For some reason we didn't get any pictures. They both did great & Scott won his age group & was 7th overall. I really wonder what he's capable of if he actually followed a program & trained like most people do!

While we waited for the Kids Marathon to start we went over to the Post Race Party for refreshments. I saw more people I knew, got a delightful king cake latte from the CC's truck that was there & listened to Rockin' Doopsie.

He's very popular around here & it was fun to watch him. There was a lot of good food. Jambalaya, crab & corn soup, pork sliders and of course beer. I'm not a beer drinker. I'd much prefer a glass of wine at the finish line. Better yet, a glass of champagne would be fab. You know, to celebrate the fact that we ran another race & didn't die!

Next it was time for the kids race. It was a 1 mile run for kids 12 and under.

They had their own starting line. There were a ton of kids.

This picture cracked me up because the expression on Logan's face was so serious. I know he was thinking about how he had to catch the little girl in front of him.

And he did!! He ran the mile in 8:39. 

Father & son. Here's a fun fact - that's the Louisiana State Capitol in the background. After the race we went back to the finish festival for a bit so Logan could play on the jumpy things & rock wall they had.  

Race bling & my official time. 32:13 wasn't a PR but I was happy with it since I haven't been running a lot lately.

I went to the expo and then home for a shower and a nap! We went to Mass & then to run some errands. I finally got a new phone. I got the iPhone 6. I'm very excited because I never have the "current" iPhone. We ate dinner at Albasha and picked up King Cake Cheesecake to bring home for dessert. 

This is by far my most favorite dessert. It's like cake and cheesecake and sugar and whipped cream and it's all kinds of delicious!


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  1. You had a great race! I like running when it is colder outside. Not that I've ran lately. ;) BUT I have plans already in place to go for a short run/walk Saturday morning to get started. This is the week!