Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Catching Up - AGAIN!

I swear I feel like all I do these days is play catch up. I guess that means I need to spend more time doing stuff & less time laying on the couch. I have a hard time with that when it's cold. Not to mention working. On the weekends I don't want to do anything because the weekend goes by too fast. I could totally be a hermit. I'm getting old apparently because everything annoys me. Traffic - it took me 50 minutes to get home yesterday in what is normally a 30 minute drive in the evenings. People - they annoy me in stores, in traffic and at work.  I'm even annoyed with myself. My eating has been awful, my workouts and runs have been virtually nonexistent and I'm not doing anything as for as knocking things off my to do list. Enough complaining.

Before Christmas we decided to buy gas logs for our fireplace. It was wood burning but we never used it. There was already a gas line so Dean ordered the logs online. It's so nice to just turn the switch on.

I got new running shoes!

 Finally a cute pair! I've worn them around the house to try & get them broken in good. 

A lot of the running I haven't been doing is because of our weather. It's cold, it's raining, it's hot. Typical but no less annoying. My parents have a treadmill that they hardly ever use so we went & picked it up over the weekend. 

Some observations about the treadmill - it's not fun, running on a treadmill is loud therefor watching TV isn't really an option, it's boring, I run slower on it and it's not fun.Yeh I know, I said that already but it's not.

Saturday after we got the treadmill we went to Mass and then to eat at the Chimes. We were sitting at our table & we looked up & there was this little cutie with his parents.

They were going to the LSU basketball game so we switched tables and had dinner with them. I've said before that Logan is very loving. He gives hugs all the time. He also knows when he's about to get in trouble & the hugging and I love you's come quick. 

I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a lot of his hugs Saturday night. I got hugs and Dean got to bring him to the bathroom. I think I got the better deal. HA!

Sunday afternoon I had lunch with Vicki & Allison to celebrate Vicki's birthday. We ate at Ninfa's. It was good. When I got home I made myself get on the treadmill. 

This run wasn't awful. One of the football games was on so I was able to watch. I don't need to hear the announcers tell me what I just saw so that worked well. 

Monday when I got to work King Cake was waiting in the kitchen. One of the girls I work with made it herself & it was really good.

Monday afternoon I had my CT scan of my sinuses. The Nurse called yesterday and said that everything looked "pretty good" whatever that means. I have an appt. next week for her to go over the pictures with me (like I care about that ) and to tell me her game plan. We shall see.

The lady that's doing my roman shades in the kitchen came over for me to pick out new fabric. She installed the shades Friday & she didn't like them once they were up. Something about the thinness and grade of the fabric made them not hang correctly. So I picked out new fabric & now I wait. 

Monday night was a sad night. 

The tin is empty. Completely. We always ate these cookies when I was a kid and for some reason I'd forgotten how good they are and I how much I love them. I picked this tin up as an afterthought before Christmas because I didn't think we had enough dessert for Christmas Day. Considering we're 2 weeks in January and just finished them I'd say we were good for Christmas. Anyway, they're gone. There was talk after Christmas of freezing them. Yeh. They're gone. Empty. No more. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I was eating entirely too many of them. However, Dean has instructions that if he goes to Sam's without me and they still have them he's to buy more. 

When I got to work yesterday ANOTHER king cake had appeared.

Notice I had a small sliver.It was really good too. 

My plan was to run on the treadmill when I got home yesterday. Well the above mentioned 50 minute drive home ended that. So I got up at 4:45 and ran this morning. 

I discovered that I can also watch House Hunters while running because I don't care in the least what any of those people have to say. I just want to look at the houses. I also attempted to read. I was able to do that for a little while. I've decided to wait until after the 5K Saturday to go back to working out with weights. It's been at least a month since I've done one so I'll be really sore and I don't want any extra soreness before the race. 

Thankfully there was no king cake at work today!

So that's what's been going on. What's up with y'all?



  1. I feel like I'm constantly playing "catch up" and in survival mode lately!! I'm getting annoyed with myself, too. ;) I agree that you got the better deal with Logan. Love that pic of the two of you!! The King Cake pics are really making me itch to find some, but that is the last thing I need!!

  2. Well, that was a fun catch up! You seem to be doing great on the treadmill and even enjoying it a bit. Sweet photos.

  3. I read on my treadmill all the time. I just have to make sure and increase the font size on my kindle!

    1. Yes!! Increasing the font size is key! Thanks for visiting!

  4. Sometimes the best way to deal with some of life's annoyances is simply to voice them as you've done. I hope you feel a bit better anyway! I do 2+ miles on the treadmill, walking & 30 min. on the elliptical -- that's the machine I really hate, but it burns calories faster. I'm not sure I could do either one of them if they didn't have the tvs. Cute photo of you and Logan!