Monday, June 2, 2014

Wow What A Weekend!

I can't believe another weekend is over. I also can't believe it's June. Thursday night we went to Caliente with a portion of our usual group. 225 is a local free publication in our area that covers all sorts of things that go on in Baton Rouge. They had a Hot Off The Press party Thursday night for the latest edition at Caliente.

Jordan, Steph, me, Cindy, Jackie & Allie 

Friday when I left work I went straight to the LSU game. I hate that they play the first game of regionals at 2:00 but thankfully, this year our weather is so crazy it wasn't hot. After the game we went back to Caliente for dinner. Yeh, 2 nights in a row but the thing is it's convenient & doesn't take forever. Dean wanted to go back & watch the next ballgame so we ate & then he brought me home.

Saturday morning Cindy & I went on for a training ride.
Cindy lives a couple of blocks away. It's exactly 12 miles for us to leave from her house, go to the levee, ride to the Mississippi River Bridge downtown & turn around & go back. I love riding on the levee because you don't have to deal with cars! Just people running & walking & other bikers. There was a terrible head wind on the first part of the ride. You don't realize how tough it is to keep up your speed with that kind of wind. On the other hand we were really going fast on the way back.

I've been thinking that I want a new bike. I have a mountain bike - not that I've ever ridden in any mountains but that's what I have. Anyway, it's old & I've really enjoyed riding the road bike that I've been borrowing. I started thinking that I'd really like to ride more & I would need my own bike. The road bikes are a funny thing. Each brand sizes differently so a small in one brand might be a medium in another. It makes it hard to shop online.I didn't know what size I was. Just that the borrowed bike was a little bit small for me but was totally doable with what I was using it for. I decided to get sized at a local bicycle shop. So Cindy & I went after our ride Saturday. Remember I was just getting sized unless there was a great deal.

Guess what?? There was  a great deal!! This is the same bike Cindy has, just a newer model & she loves her bike. I didn't want the fanciest of fancy & I don't plan to do a bunch of crazy races so this was perfect for me. There were only 2 left & they were on sale for almost 35% off. The only catch was whether or not it would be my size. I rode around the parking lot & lo & behold it was perfect! I'm excited! Now I just have to learn to clip in.......

Since LSU won Friday they didn't play again until Saturday night.

Dean's never overly thrilled to take a selfie but he indulges me. My hair wasn't fixed like that, we had hurricane force wind Saturday night. Not that I'm complaining because day 2 of regionals was almost perfect weather. I swear that never happens! Usually, it's in the upper 90's with crazy humidity, I get sunburned & I have no make up left by the time I get to our seats. LSU won again so the next game was Sunday at 7:00.

I'm sure y'all have seen all of the challenges going around on Facebook. My friend Cindy & a friend of hers came up with an ab challenge. We did Day 1 yesterday by the pool.

It was challenging but doable & the best part was that it didn't take long. I can feel it this morning too. It's always more fun to workout with friends.

Me, Cindy & Steph. After the workout we went for a shorter, slower, just for fun bike ride so I could ride my new bike. It's amazing how different it feels than the little bit too small one I've been riding.

Last night we were at the ballpark until like 10:45 because LSU can't seem to hold a lead. We left after the 9th inning with it all tied up. They lost it in the 11th so we'll be back tonight. I needed to run this morning but there was no way I was getting up after going to bed at 11:30.

What did y'all do this weekend?



  1. Your own bike and everything!! You are so motivating! I did not make running a priority this weekend and feel badly about it. I could have rearranged anything to get it in and I didn't. We were busy with routine things like hair cuts, groceries, etc, but I shouldn't have let that stop me. Brandon watched baseball all weekend!!

  2. Running and now biking? You amaze me! I'm glad you found the right fit. You will probably work yourself up to many races if it's anything like your running!!

    I definitely need some help in the abs department!