Monday, March 31, 2014

The Weekend!

We had a weekend of no plans. We started off attempting to eat seafood at Mike Anderson's Friday but the wait was ridiculous at 6:00 so we just headed across the street to ole faithful aka Caliente. Jose, maker/inventor of the Jose Special, is a Manager now so he doesn't bar tend. He stopped by our table to say hey & I asked if he could make me one & he said of course. I haven't had one in awhile.
It was delicious. So delicious that I had 2! The rest of the crew came in at different times & by the end of the night we were all there.

Saturday we brought my car to have the oil changed & went to Sam's. Nothing too exciting. Allison was running errands in Baton Rouge so I went with her to The Big Squeezy for a Greena Colada.

It's really delicious!!! It wasn't on the menu the first time we had it but it is now so we can recreate it at home.
Allison also bought a bag of cheesy kale chips without the cheese.

They're organic & have all healthy stuff in them & nothing at all that's the least bit cheesy. We're very confused as to how they get the cheese taste. They were different but I liked them.
Once I got home Dean was watching the LSU game & we decided that we'd go to Mass Sunday morning. Mainly because I had a hat on & I didn't feel like washing my hair & fixing it. Lazy much? I ended up falling asleep on the sofa while reading & I slept for 3 HOURS. Seriously? It's not like I didn't sleep good the night before & I certainly didn't exert any energy Saturday. Once I woke up we went to dinner at Portico. They just opened a new location near us & I had a Groupon. I wasn't planning to have a drink since I had 2 Friday night. I don't like to drink my calories. But then I saw this on the menu.
An Arnold Palmer & More - it had vodka in it & was very good. Definitely a good summer drink.
There were lots of things on the menu that sounded good. I decided on the Low Country Shrimp. 
DELICIOUS!! Grilled shrimp in a really good sauce over cheese grits. You could get mashed potatoes instead of grits if you want. YUM!!! We'll definitely go back.

Sunday we went to Mass, Trader Joe's & Walmart, the usual routine. Yes, I even took another nap. This one only 45 mins. I just couldn't keep my eyes open. However, I made a deal with myself, I could nap but I had to run when I got up. I did.

Good run even though I felt a little nauseous. I probably should've eaten a snack before. I had a salad for lunch & I'm guessing that's not good fuel! Anyway, I felt good & was pleased with my time since the last time I ran was a week ago. The weather was gorgeous too.

While I was running Dean was grilling. 
Yes, it's only the 2 of us. We'll be eating leftovers for awhile & no I don't eat hot dogs.

How was your weekend?



  1. Can't decide if I want the smoothie or the cocktail more. Ha!

  2. i'm dreaming of a cocktail now!!! - I hit up Trader Joe's on the weekend too!!! ...