Monday, March 24, 2014

Pee Wee sings Billie Jean

The weekend was jam packed & I'm tired. Dean said from the time I woke up Sunday morning at 9:00 (yikes) until I left at 11:15 I said "I'm tired" at least 25 times. Can't help it. I was tired then & I still am. The weekend started with Caliente Friday night before the LSU game.
One glass of Sangria & a few chips & salsa. The weather was perfect so we were able to sit on the patio.

The fish tacos are sooo good! I get soft corn tortillas to make them healthier &  veggies instead of rice. Yeh that's a little cup of queso that comes with it. Sometimes I dip my veggies in it & sometimes I don't eat it at all. We went to the LSU game & they won.

Logan had a game Friday night & they won too so they were playing at 10:15 Saturday morning. It was so cute to watch.
Logan is one of the taller kids on the team although he's younger than some of the tiny ones. They're all adorable. Saturday turned out to be very hot.

Logan looks like he's yelling in this picture. He was actually yawning. Yes, in the middle of the t-ball game. Have I mentioned that this kid NEVER STOPS?? He started hollering "Coach, coach". I think we were all holding our breath to see what was going to come out next. I think we all just about passed out. He said "I'm tired". Huh??? Unreal. We decided he was hot. After the announcement he proceeded to take his hat off & start fanning himself.

He hit good & was on base several times.
He was on the pitcher's mound for this game.

He wears the same number my brother always wore. Once the game was over (they won) he wanted me to come to his house to play so we did. He showed me how he rides his bike with two wheels now (without training wheels). I can't believe how old he's getting. He'll be 5 at the end of May. It really is amazing how fast time flies.

Once we got home it was time to get ready for Mass, after Mass we had a quick meal at Raising Canes. So good but so not good for you. I even had a Dr Pepper & a refill. I had a late night ahead of me & needed all the help I could get. After we ate we went to the LSU game. About 8:00 I went home to change clothes. We were going with a big group to the Varsity to listen to the band that was playing. Everyone chipped in & we rented the balcony which was so nice because it was just our group & there were tables, a bathroom & a bar so no waiting in line. Definitely the way to go. Our friend Jackie organized the whole thing.

The band is called the Molly Ringwalds. They're really popular in the Baton Rouge & New Orleans area. They're an 80's cover band. When Jackie told me her plan the first person I thought of was my friend Allison. She LOVES everything 80's so of course she wanted to come.

Me & Allison.

The guys in the band dress up.
The picture isn't very clear but he's dressed up as Dee Snider.
And there was Pee Wee Herman. It really was hilarious to see Pee Wee sing Michael Jackson & do some of his dances.
Suzy, me & Cindy.

Me, my brother Scott, sis in law Lydia and our friends Brandon & Tonya

This picture of me & Dean cracked me up. I'm pasty white, he's cajun & is always at least 10 times darker than me. I get a little bit of tan, he has more of a tan. Seriously, it's annoying!

I think the concert ended somewhere around 1:00. Luckily, we live within about 10 minutes of the Varsity.

Sunday I was back at the ballpark for Logan's t-ball game. They were playing in the Championship game. They lost but that's ok. They got a trophy for 2nd place.

Eating was awful for me this weekend. Everything was delicious but nothing was good for me. I was so exhausted & my head was pounding & all I had a taste for was pizza.  It was sooo worth it!



  1. _I am always so tired - but I don't ave you're energy level.
    - the little baseball players {esp. Logan} are SO adorable!!!
    - I had wondered when you posted on IG who the Molly Ringwalds were - oh my Goodness!! That looks right up my alley!!! You know I am an 80s freak.

  2. Aw. those pictures of Logan are so cute!!! And fish tacos and sangria sound so amazing right now!!!