Monday, March 10, 2014

Long time no see!

I haven't blogged in a week? Really? I guess that means nothing earth shattering is going on in my life. Not necessarily a bad thing. Let's see if I can catch up.

I'm still not running. My foot is still bothering me. It felt much better over the weekend & today. Hopefully, we're nearing the end of this bout of tendonitis. I'm all signed up to run a St. Patrick's Day race Sunday. It's 3.17 mi. Cute huh? My friends Allison & Karen are running too so it should be fun. I even bought a cute shirt to wear.

Lent  - I gave up treats. Cookies, candy, cake, donuts, etc. I've done surprisingly well. Granted it's only been 5 days. I'm hoping that this will also help me not crave sweets. Life would just be easier that way.

Diet - After losing the weight I lost a few years ago about 8 lbs. have crept back. Some of it I think is muscle but I don't know how much so I'd like to lose about 5 lbs.. More importantly, I'd like to tone up.  Even though I'm not running at the moment I've still been working out. I've been doing more weights than I ever have. We have a beach trip planned for May with my brother, sis-in-law & Logan so I'm hoping I'll see a difference by then.

Friday night Dean & I went to the LSU baseball game. It was cold. I lasted 4 innings & then I went to the truck & read for a few innings until Dean was ready to go. I always carry my Nook with me!

Saturday we went to Sam's. We go early before it's crazy. Saturday, crazy came early. We were loading our car at 9:00 & I heard a voice say "I'm twerking for gas". I looked up to see a woman twerking in the parking lot. If you don't know what twerking it is, google it along with the words "Miley Cyrus". You won't be impressed. Trust me. I have no idea who she was talking to because there was nobody anywhere near her. I was having a hard time not staring but I also didn't want to make eye contact.

Dean worked in the yard & got a lot of things cut back so hopefully the cold weather is on its way out & everything will start to get pretty again. While he worked outside I did laundry, worked out & caught up on reality TV. We went to Mass & then to Caliente for an early dinner before the LSU game. There wasn't any wind & it felt 30 degrees warmer than Friday night when it was really only 10 degrees warmer.

After the game we stopped at a neighbor's & hung out for a bit. We haven't gotten together with everyone in awhile so it was fun.

Sunday - I did our grocery shopping for the week & my friend Allison came over. We'd been saying that we wanted to try a new juice bar in town - The Big Squeezy. Cute name right? They were giving out samples at the Louisiana Marathon & I liked it.  They have smoothies, juice & almond milk on the menu. We tried a few juices. We decided that we do not like juice with celery in it. I like celery, Allison hates celery. In juice, it's just too strong of a flavor. We ended up with fresh made smoothies.

I can't remember the name of it. Something Colada. It has banana, spinach, almond milk, almond butter, coconut oil & I don't remember what else but it was absolutely delish!!! I also bought a bottle of their homemade juice for later.
Sweet Greens is the name of this one.

Some of the ingredients. It's really good too.

I skipped the game yesterday. I stayed home & worked out, read & watched the Kardashians. I used to watch it all the time & then got tired of it but for some reason it's reeled me back in. I just love seeing what they're wearing, what their makeup looks like & seeing the houses. I've said before that I'm very interested in how rich people live. I don't know why but I figure there are worse things.

Once Dean got home from the game he grilled & I sat outside & had a glass of wine.
Isn't my monogrammed glass pretty??

How was y'alls weekend?



  1. hey girl - long time! ... i LOVE green juice!!!!

    PS _ i have a GIVEAWAY going on, stop by and pass on the good karma!

  2. I figured tax season was starting to get you too when you didn't blog last week! ;)

  3. Ok, not trying to offend anyone, but I can already tell ya if it has anything to do with little miss myley cyrus, I am so not impressed!! Anyhoo, love the cute little wine glass!

    No food tonight?? lol, We had steak and miller lite. what more can a girl ask for??

    Oh, totally off subject, but how is your friend liking Starkville??

  4. Welcome back! I have never tried juicing but I love my veggies so I don't need any new way of getting them in my body. They are part of every meal. Fruit? I can only have raspberries and blueberries low in carbs so I take vitamins.

    Sounds like you are busy. I know that not running is bothering you, but just heal.


  5. Yes, the monogrammed glass is really pretty. Sorry about your pain, hope it goes away soon. It has warmed up here quite a bit so I have been gardening.....Christine

  6. Sounds like you've been pretty busy with "just life." I always enjoy your food-related posts. The "juice bar-thing" is getting big every where. The restaurant our son is affiliated with, True Food Kitchen, opened a juice bar just before Christmas. It's called "Juby True" and has just been an overwhelming success.

    Good luck on your continued success with going sugar-free for Lent, and for a speedy foot recovery!

  7. Have fun doing your race and yes, I love that glass!!!