Friday, March 28, 2014


This week went by fast for me. I'm not complaining. It means we're one week closer to tax season being over which means one week closer to getting off early on Fridays!

A few weeks ago when I ran the St. Patrick's Day run, Allison's friend & co-worker, Karen invited me to join them for a Painting With A Twist class. I don't normally do a lot during the week because you know I'm a mawmaw & need my sleep. What I've figured out is regardless of how much sleep I get I still want more so there was no reason not to go. We  met for dinner at Dempsey's & then headed over to the painting class.
Here we are with our creations - me, Allison, Karen & Shauna. It's amazing how good they look from a distance. Up close I don't think mine looks all that good but it was fun. I was in bed for 10:20 & was dead asleep at 5:30 this morning when it was time to get up. I believe the word "WHAT?" was uttered when Dean woke me up. No clue what was going on.

I've always had very vivid dreams. You know like the ones where I wake up & I'm taking pictures off my bulletin board (when I was in high school) or the time that I woke up holding onto my window sill because I was dreaming a wall was falling on me. Last night was about Allison's future niece, CC. I dreamed that I was gallivanting all over town looking for a baby yoga mat to give to Andrea (CC's current incubator). For some reason I was adamant about this. It would make a little sense if Andrea or I were really big Yogi's but we're not. WEIRD.

We don't have any plans this weekend. The LSU games are in Florida. I took this picture while at a red light on my way to work this morning.
Lovely right? Of course when I got to work it was raining harder than I've seen in awhile. It's cleared up but there's still a lot of rain in the forecast. Great. Hopefully I can go for a run at some point this weekend. I ran 3 miles Monday & was planning to go Wed. but it was cool & really windy & I just wasn't feeling it. Some days are just like that.

Have a good weekend!



  1. Dreams can be very odd. I think so many of them come from the subliminal messages we get all day and then they are distorted.

    Have a great weekend!


  2. I have very vivid dreams, too. It can be pretty neat and sometimes it can be very creepy, lol. By the way, your painting is gorgeous! :)

  3. I think your painting looks great! :) It is rainy here, and I'm already at work this morning. Obviously not getting much done, but I gotta get motivated. ha!