Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I'm back with the numbers, just go with it please. There's actually a point!

It's been super cold here. I don't like it one bit. Yes, I like being able to run & with no humidity & it not be 95 degrees BUT 30's & 40's are a little much. All that to say that I ran later Sunday than normal. We went to Mass & grocery shopping & then I ran. It was still really cold. Like running tights, long sleeve shirt, jacket & thingy to cover my ears. Granted by mile 2.5 the jacket came off but it was cold & I did run 11 miles. Now all the people I know that run told me last week when I ran 10 that 13.1 would be no problem if I can run 10. I'm not so sure. When I ran 11, I'm pretty sure I couldn't have ran 11 point one more step. Seriously!

Today was my first run since Sunday. We had a monsoon of hurricane proportion yesterday. Yeh, along with the freezing cold weather. So I ran after work. I like to to have 2 days rest before my long run so this will probably be my only "week day" run this week. Normally, it would be a 5 miler, I decided to try a  10K. I was feeling good at that point so I decided to go 7. I felt good. While I was running something occurred to me. That happens a lot when I run. I'm getting to the point. My brother's birthday is April 13th. My parents always told him 13 was his lucky number. When he played baseball his number was always 13. My shoes are Brooks Adrenaline 13th generation. I've trained in the shoes & will race my first 13.1 in them. I think it's a sign! I'm taking it that way anyway.

So all my friends that live up north what do y'all do with your plants when it gets cold. We're going to be in the 20's tonight. This is what you do when you live in the south.
Wrap your palm trees in LSU blankets. For the sake of my sanity & heart health the cold weather can't last. Everytime I walk through the living room I think there's a man in my backyard because I see this out of my peripheral vision.

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!!!


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