Monday, November 18, 2013

Utterly Exhausted!

I slept 9 hours last night. I'm STILL tired. I don't think I've ever gone a whole week without blogging. Things were a little crazy.
Tuesday I ran 5 miles

We had some cold weather last week & I actually had time to stop at Starbucks on my way to work!

Thursday I ran 5 more miles. I ran it after work because it was 33 that morning & I had to be at work early for a meeting. I was so excited to see mile 5 at 9:36. That's my fastest mile ever!

Friday night we were back at Caliente for dinner & then we went to our Church fair for awhile. We got to visit with a lot of people that we don't see very often.

Saturday morning Scott & Lydia were running a race so I met them & got Logan. We went & got donuts for breakfast & we played at my house for a little bit before going to the fair.
Logan found Dean's readers. He kept saying "they're awesome, you can see stuff close".

Logan rode this once & decided it didn't go fast enough.
Charli & Logan - he loved this ride & laughed the whole time & said it tickled his tummy!

Logan LOVED Charli!
Logan wanted to go fast so Dean rode this one. When the ride was done so was Dean.
Stafford rode this one with him because he couldn't ride by himself, he wasn't quite tall enough & I was feeling a little queasy! I normally ride everything with no problems. I kept telling Logan I needed to take a break but he wasn't having it. I bribed him with cotton candy so I could sit for a few minutes!

When we were leaving Logan told Dean "I tired, hold me".
It didn't take long for him to fall asleep. Once we dropped him off we went home & got ready very quickly for Church. After Church we went to dinner at Acme for an early birthday dinner for Dean.
The char grilled oysters were soooo good & there was tons of bread to sop with. YUMMM! Then we went back to the fair because the Chee Weez were playing. They were so good!
Cindy, me & Dean the photo bomber. I look like I need darker makeup but I swear it doesn't look like that in person.
Cindy, Suzy, Jackie, me & Steph hiding! We had such a fun night!

This happened Sunday morning!
10 miles in 1:51. I was super excited. I was really excited to see that mile 10 was 10:17. I know this is incredibly slow compared to some people like my brother who ran 10 mi. in 1:08 Saturday morning but for me it's great! So according to the plan I've officially completed it & should be able to run a half marathon next weekend. I, however, do not feel the same way. The race is 3 weeks from yesterday so I'll continue to train for the next 2 weeks running 11 Sunday & 12 next Sunday & then start the tapering process. I'm still in shock that I'm doing this. The last 1.5 miles of my run all I could think about was a Sonic Dr Pepper. I have no idea how that got into my head. When I get close to the end of a run it gets hard for me so I try to distract myself with my thoughts. It's not difficult. I have so many random things running through my head all the time it's a wonder I get anything done. I decided that sometime yesterday I'd have a Sonic DP. I went grocery shopping so while I was out I  got one.
There isn't a Sonic close to my house but it was worth it to drive a little out of the way to get it.

Once I got home all I wanted was a nap but it wasn't happening. I was up to my eyeballs in little yarn lamb ornaments that I'm making for Church. Amelia-Ann, Claire & Maddie are 3 of my favorite girls that used to hang out at my house all the time but are now in high school with no time for me came to help. So, so glad they did. I needed the help & I love spending time with them. They're all so sweet, they brought Dean a cupcake, candy & a card for his birthday.

It was a busy busy busy weekend with no nap. I was out for 8:30 last night. I'm thinking there's a strong possibility the same will be true tonight!



  1. Gewz, I am tired just reading this! YOu go girl!!!

  2. I feel out of breath just by reading about all of your running, lol. Good for you! And those pictures of the kids were really sweet. By the way, I'm jealous of your cold weather. And your Starbucks! :(

    Hope you are having a great week!

  3. I'm the slowest of all the crew. I'm okay with that. I did 3 miles yesterday and five miles today. I'm super sore and soooo tired! The thing is - I'm ok with being a turtle. It's such a huge achievement for me! Keep rockin it!