Sunday, November 24, 2013

Werewolf & Mexican!

Friday night a bunch of us had our normal Friday night outing at Caliente. Werewolf was playing. They're an 80's cover band from Baton Rouge & they used to be really popular & then they broke up. There are a couple of new guys & they're playing all over town again.

I don't why these pics are blurry.
Randy & Dennis really enjoyed the music!
Jeff, me & Randy & Jackie in the background dancing with a random college guy that grabbed her.  HAHA!
Jeff, me, Randy, Jackie & Dennis
Anna & Addy Rose. Addy Rose is the owner of Caliente's baby. She almost 5 months old & so tiny. We all took turns loving on her.
Me & Allison

There was lots of air guitar
Me & Korie
I got a cute new Christmas cup at Hobby Lobby Friday!!
Saturday during the game our friends Katie & Sean stopped by. They were in town from Houston. We hadn't met little Riley yet. So cute!
Quinn watched Curious George.
This is what the weather was like at 9:30 this morning when I was going to run. I DON'T LIKE COLD WEATHER & I REALLY DON'T LIKE WIND!
But I pounded out 11 miles. The last mile was HARD! I've been tired all afternoon. Tired & hungry. I've eaten gumbo, chips & salsa, french fries & pizza. I enjoyed every single bite!!! Not sure what my running schedule will be like this week. It's going to be crazy cold!! We're talking highs in the 40's! YIKES!



  1. I love the excitement of a live band and that's what the 80's were like for me. Good times. good friends...just like you have now. Love the pics!!


  2. Looks like fun! :)

    YAY for you on the run! Getting close to race day! You are going to do great!

  3. You always have so much fun with friends, Traci and you look great! Did you see my post about Paris? It's the one before the thanksgiving table....Christine