Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Fun

For the first time in the 17 years that I've worked at The Advocate I had Good Friday off. We had a great weekend & I ate great too. I don't mean I ate great food for me. I mean I ate great tasting food that is incredibly bad for me. May I present evidence #1
As a kid Gold Brick eggs were my favorite!! I picked up some stuff for Logan & the candy was 75% off BEFORE Easter & we all know I'm not one to pass up a good deal. Included in that good deal was a "white bunny". I haven't had one in YEARS. Like probably 20. I bought myself one & I had good intentions. According to the nutrition label the bunny was 5 servings. I already had the servings divided in my head. Then I started eating. I don't remember exactly but I think it only lasted 2 servings. Dean had a couple of bites.

The main thing I wanted to do Friday was to eat lunch at Roberto's. You know "Home of the best shrimp po-boy EVER EVER EVER"?? It lived up to the billing once again.

Awhile back I saw a post on FB about Zaycon Foods. They sell organic meat at really cheap prices. They would be in Baton Rouge on Good Friday selling boneless, skinless chicken breasts for $1.79/lb. That's cheaper than plain old hormone injected chicken when it's on sale here! How it works is you place your order online & they're in your city for one day for a couple of hours & that's when you pick up the chicken. It comes in 40 lb. cases. Me being the domesticated person that I am was all over this. Little did I know how much 40 lbs. was. So Friday afternoon Dean & I sat in a Church parking lot in downtown Baton Rouge & picked up our chicken. It was all very organized. A refrigerated truck parks, they set out orange cones to make a "drive through". They look up your name on the iPad & then load your chicken in your car. The man with the iPad said we were going to cry when we eat this chicken it's so good. I can't imagine that but ok. This is what the case looked like.
They even put plastic down in your car in case the box leaked.
It was in several bags inside the case. We got our handy dandy vacuum sealer out & went to town.
This was my biggest issue. I don't like to touch raw meat. I held the bags open & Dean put the chicken in & then I sealed them. I did get some chicken juice on me & that's just soooo gross. BLECH!!!
Our handiwork.

Once all the chicken was taken care of I went for a run. In case you didn't know, a fried shrimp po-boy & french fries is NOT proper pre-run fuel. I was so sluggish & blah. It was a tough 3.5 miles but I did it. I had some soreness going on so I decided that an ice bath would probably help a lot but since I didn't have any bags of ice lying around & really that's a lot of trouble I'd just get in the pool. The water is COLD so it would be like an ice bath right?
It was cold. Not quite as cold as I was expecting though.

Everyone will be happy to know that before we picked up our chicken we picked up these
Maybe my bad luck with the postal service is a thing of the past. On my way home from work Varsity Sports called to let me know my shoes were in. I'm sure I've whined about the blue before. I have to get a narrow shoe & Brooks only makes the narrow in one color. It just so happens that for the last 3 years they're ALWAYS blue. Different shades of blue but blue nonetheless. Have I ever mentioned that I'm not a big blue fan? Well I'm not. I do like this blue better than the previous blues. I even tweeted Brooks that I need a different color. They assured me they'd pass along my comments to the development dept. so next year if they aren't blue I'm to thank!

Saturday we were up bright & early. We were going to an Easter egg hunt with my family. It's a huge thing with inflatables & food. My parents Church sponsors it & everything is free.
Before we left for the egg hunt Logan opened his Easter gift from us. We got him a beach towel & a chair. We're going to the beach next month. He was happier about the candy.
There was someone selling bunnies. I'm guessing the Church didn't give them permission to do that but the kids enjoyed holding the little babies. I saw zero sales taking place. Apparently, everyone had the same idea as my brother, "DO NOT EVEN ASK" was his response when he saw they were being sold.
Logan was ready to get his eggs! There were 50,000 eggs at the egg "hunt". Each baseball field was divided up by age so there wasn't big kids running over little kids.

After the egg hunt we had lunch at a pizza buffet & it was sooo good. Told ya I ate a bunch of not good for me food. Pizza that taste like cinnamon rolls??? Yes please! Logan is almost 4 & it's so funny to listen to him participate in our conversations. He was very excited about the chocolate pizza. He's hilarious!

Sunday we went to early Mass & to Dean's parents for lunch. Everything was delicious & I ate way too much. There was roast, ham, potato salad, cole slaw & cake. My mom made my favorite coconut cake. Soooo good.
If all that food wasn't bad enough I ended the day with these. sigh.



  1. I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  2. I'm so glad the "spell" is broken and you got your new shoes without a hassle!

    I don't really like touching raw food of any kind or touching other obnoxious things around the house. I buy surgical gloves at Costco and have boxes in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry -- I "glove up" for everything!

    Glad you had such a fun Easter!


  3. I have never heard of that Golden Brick Egg. I have just made myself sick on Robins Eggs and Cadbury minis this time around. I cannot believe someone showed up selling animals!! Good LORD! haha
    Glad you had a nice holiday!

  4. Hi lovely lady.
    All your post are great! love your comments about the Easter eggs. Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my new Tablescap" April Showers" I hope you have a wonderful week with your family.
    XXOO Diane

  5. 75% off candy BEFORE Easter?!?!?! God must like you.