Friday, April 26, 2013


It's FRIDAY!!!! The week has gone by fast! Here are some of the things making me "Happy Happy Happy" as Phil Robertson would say.
Uncle Si!! He's not my uncle for those of you that aren't on the Duck Dynasty bandwagon (if you're not you should be). He does remind me of my daddy though. See that glass of tea in his hand? My daddy ALWAYS has a glass of tea. Uncle Si is often shown with his glass & a jug of tea. My daddy has been known to bring his own jug of tea places. Mainly my house because he doesn't like my tea. I'm sad too because Wednesday nights episode was the season finale. Thank goodness for reruns!
Speaking of reruns, have y'all seen this???  A Friends reunion?? OMG YES YES YES!!! Friends is my all time, hands down favorite show EVER!!! EVER EVER EVER!!!  I even cried during the series finale. I remember Dean asking if I realized they weren't real people & it was just a TV show. YES & that didn't make any less sad to see it end.
Last week I told y'all about the No Sugar Added Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream. Well, unbeknownst to me, Dean wasn't nearly as enthralled with it as I was. He came home with this Sunday when he went grocery shopping.
For the same 1/2 cup serving size as the Blue Bell, Edy's has 100 calories as opposed to 90. Guess what? I like it better too. I really like the stronger Vanilla taste you get with the Vanilla Bean. It's probably cheaper too.

Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day. I got several little treats all day.
These homemade chocolate chip cookies were soooo good. Sadly, I have no idea who made them. they were on my desk when I came back from lunch with the cute little note but nobody signed it.
Smoothie King gift card?? Yes please! Those smoothies aren't cheap!
Then one of the guys surprised us with lattes. YUMMMM!! I had a bit of a caffeine buzz going by the time I got home. I'd treated myself to a Dr Pepper right before the latte was delivered. Needless to say I had no problem staying up to watch Duck Dynasty.

Sirius XM
LOVE IT!! I was one of those people that thought paying for radio was silly. Until of course I had it free when we bought my car & I came to love it. 90s on 9 may be the greatest radio station ever. What's better than hearing old school rap & Gin Blossoms back to back on your way to work????

Yesterday, my boss took us to lunch at J Alexander's. For some reason I got a shrimp poboy. Why would I do this when I wasn't at Roberto's??? Momentary lapse in judgement. It was good but Roberto's still wins for best ever. Today I actually get to leave the office at 10:30 for a luncheon/seminar that is also for Admn. Professionls Day. I'm expecting it to be boring but it's lunch & I get to be out of the office on a Friday.

Have a great weekend!



  1. I just started reading 'Happy, Happy, Happy!' :) Hopefully they'll be showing plenty of re-runs so I can catch up.
    That is so cool about 'Friends'I thought that was just rumors!! Awesome gifts! So glad they thought of you.

  2. Oh what sweet co workers you have. You are really appreciated! Congrats! Friends has always been my kids' fave TV show.

  3. I'm so glad you've had such a great week, Traci! Nice little gifts you got, but you deserve so much more -- haha! Had to laugh about the Sirius & 90s on 9 because we listen to 60s on 6 -- yep, we are that old!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Nice week! I love sirius radio...about 5 years ago I got a boom box and a receiver for Don because he loves listening to baseball on the radio...all the games are on there...I subscribed for a year and when I went to re-subscribe...they offered me a lifetime subscription! Of course I said wasn't much more than the 3 year I was going to there's such great channels and we can take it anywhere...we even take the receiver on vacation with us for the rental cars...and the boom box goes out on the back porch and is always on when we're outside. Have a great weekend!!

  5. My son is always talking about Duck Dynasty...I've got to watch!

    Happy Friday and (Admin Week)! Going to a 40th bday party over the weekend that is out to a place with nothing but 90's music to dance to. Should be fun :)

  6. I have heard such good things about Duck Dynasty! Gonna check it out!

    Lots of wonderful treats you enjoyed this week :) Hope your weekend is just as fun!

  7. I'm seriously addicted to Duck Dynasty, It's almost a problem. lol