Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Friday

Today is my Friday & I couldn't be happier! I have a dentist appt this afternoon so I get to leave early today too. Going to the Dentist isn't my favorite but I don't mind since it's just a cleaning. I'd rather be there than at work.

I don't have any big plans for tomorrow. We're going to a crawfish boil tomorrow night. Dean was planning to take off too but something came up. Hopefully, he can just work a half day & we can have lunch. Best shrimp poboy anyone??? If that happens, the day will be a success!

Speaking of food. It's strawberry season here in Louisiana. My mom brought us these last weekend.
Aren't they pretty? They're really good. I've been making smoothies for breakfast. So good with a banana. I'm going to have to freeze some because there's no way we can eat them all before they go bad. Does anyone have any good recipes for strawberry something??
Has anyone heard of this stuff? When we went to the salsa making class on our cruise last year we had the most amazing vanilla bean ice cream ever! I didn't know Mexico was known for ice cream but they should be. This Santa Clara stuff was given to us to pour on top of our ice cream. O. M. G.!!!! Soooo good. It does have alcohol in it. On our cruise in December we just happened to see it when we were walking around Cozumel. Of course we had to get a bottle.

Our favorite ice cream ever is Borden's Golden Vanilla. For whatever reason it's impossible to find. Lydia found it at a Circle K one time but other than that no grocery store has it. My mom mentioned how good this ice cream is.
She was right. It is soooooo good! To me when you put the Santa Clara on it, it taste a lot like the Golden Vanilla. The serving size is a half cup & it has 90 calories. Not bad. No, it's not clean with all natural ingredients & all that jazz but I wasn't making a special trip to Whole Foods. I've come a long way with not eating processed foods but we'll never be 100% clean eaters in our house & I'm ok with that.
This has been dessert this week. I know it looks like I have a ton of ice cream but it's misleading. Strawberries are on the bottom & my freezer froze this ice cream so hard I could only get small servings at a time. The yellow stuff on it is the Santa Clara's. YUM!!!

Now that all of the Easter candy is out of the house, aside from 1 lone Cadbury Egg that I can't bear to eat because then there's no more, I've done good with my eating. Yay for me being at CVS yesterday & not caving to the reduced to .22 Cadbury eggs!!! My ankle is still bothering me but it's A LOT better. Thank goodness. Now, it's not good enough for Yoglates or running which bums me out but I have been doing weights for upper body & leg lifts, butt kicks & that type thing. I can do squats too. It doesn't bother my ankle at all. I've been doing a squat challenge that increases the number you do each day. Today I have to do 110! I can remember a time when I couldn't do 10!



  1. I got some yummy strawberries from Costco a few weeks ago and made a strawberry pie (with lite whipped cream and graham cracker crust) and a strawberry shortcake with angel food cake and lite whipped cream. They have been SO good!
    Today is my Friday, too! Tomorros is our tax season holiday!!

  2. Strawberries are one of my favorites...they grow them locally there's stands everywhere this time of year. I do freeze a lot for smoothies...and we eat fruit salad alot...don't do much else with them except eat plain!! There's a good jello, cool whip pie too...Yummy! Have a great day!!

  3. HOLY STRAWBERRIES!!!! - pinterest some ideas girl! - otherwise just drink LOTS of champagne with them :o)

  4. Traci - Your crate of strawberries looks yummy! Don't let any of them go bad!