Monday, April 22, 2013

1st Communion

Sunday was 1st Communion for my Godchild, Brooke.
Her dress was so pretty!
Logan loves him some Brooke! He wanted her to come play at "my house".
Brooke with her older brother Dylan. Brooke has another older brother, Brendan, but as most 15 year olds, he wasn't interested in picture taking. Brooke, Dylan & Brendan's mom, Leslie is my 1st cousin.
Me & my brother Scott, who is Brooke's Godfather & Logan. There were people everywhere so there wasn't a really good spot to take pics. The fountain was really pretty but as you can see the sun was really bright.
Brooke's Nona & Pops (my parents).
Brooke & her mama.

Funny story - Logan calls me Tante & Dean Nonk. It's a Cajun thing. Sometimes he gets confused & he calls us both Tante or sometimes I'm Nonk & Dean is Tante. Dean didn't go to the Communion with me yesterday & the first thing Logan said to me was "Where's the other Tante?". That kid cracks me up! He did really well sitting through Mass too. Of course he can't sit still but he was very quiet. He stared the Priest down when he blessed him during Communion too. I don't think he understood why he didn't get a Host like everyone else!



  1. my niece is making her's this year - so exciting - u look great btw!!!

  2. Congrats to Brooke for getting the Holy Spirit in her. God bless her!
    Great family pictures!...Christine

  3. What a precious time for you all. You'll have to explain the Cajun Tante thing one of these days for all us non-cajuns. :) Sounds like a cute story.