Monday, December 17, 2012

We're back

Sigh.... I can't believe the week's over & we're back at work already. Sigh....We had a great time on our cruise. This is our third cruise & second this year. What can I say? We stick with what we like! This was our first Carnival cruise. In the past we've had a balcony room but this time we had an "inside" room. I didn't have high hopes. I envisioned having to climb over the bed to get anywhere. That's ok, it was cheap!
I was pleasantly surprised! See that window? Yeh, it's not a window. Apparently, some boat designer chick thinks if you put curtains on a solid wall it will make you think there's a window. Not so much. This picture is from the door of the cabin. The bathroom is on the left & the closet on the right. There was a neat little desk/vanity area with a stool. It was perfect for when I decided to fix my hair & put on makeup. Incidentally, that happened maybe twice. We ate at the buffet the entire time. We never set foot in a dining room. The buffet = I could wear a hat! It was such a relaxing week!

We left Monday & the weather was awful. It was raining & a cold front was coming. Luckily, we missed it.
The deck by the pool & slide.

The atrium was decorated so pretty. There was garland everywhere. Loved it! BTW, these are iPhone pics because I haven't done anything with the pics from my good camera.

Once we got on the boat we ate lunch & explored the boat & then unpacked. If you've never been on a cruise they do this safety thing that is like the flight attendant going through the safety thing on a flight. The only difference is that you have to actually go to your "muster" station & listen to the safety drill. I hate it. I mean really, what's the point? If there's an emergency nobody is going to follow proper procedure. The Concordia anyone..... So I took a little nap before the drill & when I woke up my throat was KILLING me. Seriously??? We weren't on the boat 6 hours & I was sick??? You've got to be kidding.
It was time for the first cocktail of the trip. I needed something for my throat. I love a drink with an umbrella. That was a good pina colada.
A little later I had a glass of champagne.
There was sushi bar on the boat. I've tried California rolls before & they were just ok. I decided to try again. They were just ok. Dean was NOT a fan.
I love going back to the room at night to see what towel animal we have. They're so cute! I love that on a cruise they clean your room in the morning & then they come back for turn down service. The chocolate they leave is really good!

Tuesday was a day at sea. Those are always really relaxing. Wednesday we were in Progresso. We'd never been there before. We didn't do any excursions this trip. The first thing on my to do list was to find a "pharmacy" to get some sinus meds. The ship didn't have anything but Tylenol PM & if I took that during the day I wouldn't have known where I was. Lucky for me I found a guy. HAHA! He spoke enough English to understand I needed a decongestant & then he was able to tell me to take 3 at a time every 8 hours. Now normally I wouldn't buy random meds from a third world country but I was desperate. So desperate that I took the meds with this.
I don't like beer. These little 8 oz. Corona's were 3 for $5 & Dean does like beer.  I needed something to take those pills with. Blech! It was gross!

This little bar was at the port & it had some interesting decor.
There was also a pool & a DJ in that little hut.
This was hanging on the ceiling of the bar. Interesting.
We went to another little bar that felt like home with the LSU & Saints flags.
The Pina Colada's were good & cheap!
The DJ with the LSU lanyard. He knew who LSU was but he didn't know who Snoop Dogg was.
Dean tipped the waitress/bartender for his beer & my pina colada & these shots appeared at our table. It was Mexican Koolaid. I'm not a shot girl but I thought maybe some of this would kill the sickness. It wasn't bad at all.

On the menu for dinner was fried shrimp & fried green beans.
The shrimp are the darker colored fried things. They were surprisingly good. Although, for the life of me I can't figure out why they were that shape. Shrimp aren't straight.
Thursday we were in Cozumel.
We ate lunch in the port at a place called Panchos II.
More pina colada's! Dean had a margarita.
The enchilada's were soooo good.

Back on the boat we did a mini martini tasting.
They were good. I promise we didn't drink the entire time we were on this trip.
The buffet area.
The salad bar.
One night there was a Mexican buffet & they had all sorts of pretty desserts & decorations that were made out of fruit.
Friday was another day at sea & then Saturday morning when we woke up we were back in New Orleans.

I'll post some of the good pics later in the week. Hopefully, I'll be feeling better. I've got a ton of things to do to get ready for Christmas.



  1. I haven't been on a cruise in a few years!! I'd love to go again!! Looks like fun!!

  2. looks like a blast - sorry u got sick tho :o( .... i did an inside cabin once (my first cruise) would NEVA do it again - i need balcony! - and if i can't afford it then i won't go :o) .. anyway can't wait to see the 'good' pics with the 'good' camera - still wishin' i was on that boat with you!!!!

  3. I have never cruised on any line other than Carnival. We ALWAYS do the sit down dinner because the food is SOOOO good! :) Even Brandon willingly gets dressed and ready to go eat that good food. Did you do any shows at night? Another fav of mine. We are discussing taking a cruise with Cohen in the spring or summer. :) Show more pics this week!!

  4. I want to go next time! I wondered if ya'll were back. Hate you felt bad, but I would have drank day and night!! Well, except for the times I was hitting all of the buffets, lol.