Monday, December 10, 2012

Bon Voyage!!!

We had a very laid back weekend. Friday night we had dinner at Mike Anderson's. It's one of my faves! We had a new appetizer that was AMAZEBALLS!!!

It's called Shrimp Gaspard. It's also available with oysters. They're fried & topped with their BBQ sauce, bacon, jalapeƱos, mozzarella cheese & then broiled! I could've had this for my meal!! It was pretty too!

Saturday was pretty much a day of nothing. I read & watched TV. It was awesome!!

Sunday we went to visit my nephew (my brother & sis-in-law too). The last time we saw Logan he was sick. We had a much better day yesterday!

He cuddled with me & we watched monster trucks & then he ran wild for a bit. There's no doubt that he's ALL BOY!! I can't wait for Christmas with him! Then he had a birthday party to go to & we had lunch with my parents.

Today we're on our way to New Orleans to leave on our cruise! I'm very excited about this. Right now it's pouring down rain & the temp is steadily dropping. Tomorrow the high is in the mid 50's! Yikes! When we get back Saturday it'll be back in the 70's. Isn't it nice how things work out sometime??



  1. omg - HAVE a blast on ur cruise! - they are my FAVE!!! - so jealous!

  2. I have never heard of such an appetizer, but oh my goodness! Yummy! Have a great time...take pictures!

  3. Have a GREAT time! You deserve it lady!!!!!

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  5. You're back already? Can't wait to see pictures...Christine

  6. You're back already? Can't wait to see pictures...Christine

  7. Teraci that appetizer looks 'amazeballs' for sure. Yum!
    I hope you had a good time on your cruise.

    I hear you on the decorating or lack of. We had a young cousin die a few weeks ago and with all the sadness and tragedy going on in the world it's hard to get into the holiday spirit. Sigh.

    Thanks for the kind words on my hair. It has been so long since my last haircut. I use Paul Mitchell shampoo and products sometimes but most of the time I use Dove or Pantene. I have never colored my hair ... yet. This could be the main reason it looks pretty healthy. Your hair is beautiful!

    Merry Chriatmas to you and your family.

    Warmly, ~Melissa :)