Sunday, December 30, 2012

Listen to your mother!

Sigh. The week before our cruise I had my annual appt with the Dermatologist. I'm pasty white & have a ton of moles so I get myself checked out. There were 2 on my back that she wanted to remove. No biggie. She did it & that was that. Until a few days later. I get a call from her saying that one was abnormal so she wanted take more skin. Oh joy. Of course this doesn't come as a surprise to me. I had to do the same thing a few years ago. My appointment was Thursday. It's not a major thing at all. Go in lay on your stomach, she gave me some numbing shots, did the procedure, sewed me up & I was on my way. Of course this is me we're talking about & I've become some sort of crazy person the older I get. I didn't pass out but when I saw the bloody gauze on the little tray I got shaky & queasy. I wanted out of there! It's ridiculous really.

Once the meds wore off it hurt. Not horribly but pain nonetheless. It's in a bit of an awkward spot being that I'm a side sleeper. I tried to sleep on my other side. The stitches bother me too. They stay in for 2 weeks. I read my "wound care" paperwork & I see that I can't do any vigorous activity until the stitches come out. Well, isn't that great? No yoglates or running. BTW, haven't done either of those things in like 3 weeks because of the cruise & being sick. It's not going to be pretty when I start.

So back to the title of this post. Back in the day I was a BIG fan on the tanning bed. Like I said, I'm pasty white & I don't like it. Not one bit. The tanning bed was the solution. Back then was when it was said that the tanning bed was better than the sun. My mom disagreed. Did I listen? No. I should have. It's not fun getting cut on. Of course there are worse things too. So people, go get checked out!!



  1. Ouch! Did they take a biopsy, Tracy? I hope it's normal. Happy New Year!...Christine

  2. Love the pjs and Christmas pictures!
    Glad you are feeling better - but sorry about the stitches. I have a mole I need to let them look at UGH. I have been in the sun A LOT. I did tanning beds here and there in my younger days, but not too crazy...but apparently it doesn't take much to cause damage. :(