Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Weekend!

It's Sunday afternoon & I'm dreading the thought of going back to work tomorrow. It was a rough week at work & it was made rougher by a co-worker showing her true colors. What's that saying about believing people when they show you who they really are??

Anyway, Friday night we had dinner at Caliente, a new Mexican restaurant that we really like & it's close to home.
I'm not a big margarita drinker but I do like Sangria. For my meal I got the appetizer sampler.
It has nachos, jalapeno poppers, Mexican egg rolls, quesadillas, pico & guacamole. YUM! Dean got the Kabobs.
So pretty! He said they were good & there are leftovers in the fridge.

Saturday, I had my hair cut & hi-lighted. The scalp massage is the best. After my hair appt. we had lunch at Sammy's & then went to the movies. We saw Ted. Soooo not impressed. When I first saw the previews I wasn't the least bit interested in seeing it. I thought it was going to be stupid. A bunch of people told Dean how funny it was. In our opinions, I was right. Neither of us liked it. Stupid & not funny. Unless you're a 13 year old boy. Seriously, it was 2 hours & $15 that I'll never get back. Thankfully, we went during the day so it didn't cost us a fortune. Needless to say I give the movie 2 thumbs down.

After the movie we went to Mass & then had dinner at a pizza place.  It was good. I've eaten out every day for a week. I don't normally eat out for lunch but with all the work we were doing they provided lunch everyday. I'm kinda ready to get back to normal. Eating all that junk has made me realize how much better I feel when I eat good.

This morning I worked in the yard for a couple of hours. I love having my heart rate monitor because I can see how many calories I burn doing normal things. I burned 428 calories during that 2 hours. Next up? A NAP!!


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  1. That looks so yummy! We need to make a date and go there!!