Monday, July 16, 2012

Happy Monday!!

I can say that now because the work day is over! I had a lovely weekend. No working! YAY! I don't know if I can say the same for this weekend. We'll find out Friday. Regardless of what happens with work, I have a hair appt. that cannot or shall I say will not be changed! Aside from me starting to have roots, my Stylist called & said that July is the salon's anniversary month & all services are 50% off. No way am I going to miss out on that.

I worked a little late Friday & then we went with 3 other couples to dinner at Louisiana Lagniappe. It's always so good & Friday was no exception. Then we all went to The Wine Loft for a couple of drinks. I had something called a Ruby Mimosa. It was pineapple juice, champagne & chambord. Really, really good!

I got up early & went to Yoglates Saturday. I'm so glad I went. People always say you never regret a workout & that's really true. It was a tough one though. I met my friend Joni for lunch at Jimmy John's & I went to Mass.  Saturday night we went & visited Dean's cousin. He was transferred to a rehab facility. Then we had dinner at Applebee's. Have y'all ever had their club sandwich? SOOOOO GOOD!

Sunday morning I got up early & went for a 35 minute run. It was so humid. I got in the pool as soon as I got home. I even swam some laps. I don't know when I'll get to go to Yoglates this week with work being the way it is. I plan to run in the morning. Yesterday afternoon I went to Allison's for a Stella & Dot party. They have some really cute stuff. I just got an email saying my stuff shipped today. I can't wait to get it.
Did y'all have a good weekend?



  1. You are so committed to your exercise -- that is awesome!

    Stella and Dot do have some adorable things! Do share when you get your goodies.