Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've done some shopping over the past few weeks. CVS had some really pretty Essie polish. I've been told it chips quicker than OPI but I really liked the colors so I decided to try it. I got Pink Diamond & Watermelon.
Watermelon is the darker of the two. I've worn both colors & I really don't notice it chipping any quicker than OPI. China Glaze seems to last the longest on my nails. 

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Stella & Dot party at my friend Allison's house. I couldn't believe how fast my order came in.
 I have lots of costume jewelry & after losing weigh my rings are all too big so I actually needed  a ring! That's the watermelon polish. I'm just noticing how old my hands look. YUCK! Here's the necklace I got.
I love that it's a sterling chain & gold pendant. I have a bunch of both & like wearing it together. The chain is longer than I thought too.

TJ Maxx seems to be a favorite in the blog world. I rarely find anything there but I keep trying.  Now that I workout regularly I've figured out what I like & what I don't. I have a couple of Marika sports bras that I really like. I have a couple of Reebok bras that I like fine to run in but not for yoglates because of how the neckline is. Sounds weird I know. Academy no longer sells Marika so I got online. Well, I don't know what the deal is but those things are in the $40 range. I paid like $20. Imagine my excitement when I found these at TJ Maxx!!
Marika for $12.99 people!!! I was soooo excited!
This one is a tank/bra combo & it's so comfortable. $14.99!!

Having towels at Yoglates is a must. At least for me because you know I sweat like a man. I need one to lay on my mat & then a smaller one to towel off with. I bought Gaiam "Thirsty Towels" after using beach towels for awhile. They worked great. Then I bought a different brand because I wanted more than one set &  they were cheaper. I don't like the second set as much as the Gaiam. I decided I needed a third set because I try to go to Yoglates 3 times a week & it's just easier not having to wash clothes when I get home & remember to put the stuff in the dryer & then get it out to bring to work with me. I found these on Amazon.
2 towels in the sizes I want for $22. That's less than the price of the big towel when you buy them separately. I was a little worried that they were different than what I'd bought before since they were so cheap but they're not. Love them! You know on Amazon a ton of stuff qualifies for free shipping? Well, the towels were one of those things but you had to spend $25. This is where my "spaving" comes in. (Dean says it's spending to save). I spent $14 for a variety pack of K-cups for the Keurig. I don't remember how many cups I got but it was a deal. Plus I had an Amazon gift card so I think I was out $11 of my own money. I was a little surprised when everything came in. This is how the K cups were packaged.
Weird huh? Oh well. 

I've mentioned before how I buy clothes at Sam's. They always have cute stuff. These are Nine West.
They're shorter capri's in an off white color.

Yesterday, my hair dryer sorta died on me. I say sorta because it started to smell like it was burning & then it started making a weird noise. I turned it on last night just to see & it was still working. I ordered a new one from Amazon yesterday. I have a back up hair dryer that was Dean's & it's probably 25 years old. Hopefully, the two of them will hold me over until the new one comes in. 


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