Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Here Lizard Lizard

I have a case of the blahs. Anyone else? My main problem is the beach & the fact that I'm not going. Everyone I know is either at the beach now, going to the beach soon or just got back from the beach. All except Dean & I. sigh. I pretty much have myself to blame for this. When Dean agreed to the granite we agreed that we wouldn't go on a summer vacation. This was my idea. What can I say? I wanted the granite. Now, don't get me wrong, I love the granite, I love the kitchen & I'm not at all sorry that we spent the money on it but I love the beach too & I'm very sad that I won't be visiting this summer. We are planning a trip to Vegas in October with our friends Allison & Joey but that's October & it's July so that really isn't making me feel a lot better.

In other news, we haven't laid eyes on the raccoon. Thank goodness! The only visitor we've had is a little lizard. I don't know about y'all but we seem to have an abundance of lizards this year. I can't go outside without seeing at least one. 3-4 weeks ago I'd gone to the laundry room before bed & there was a lizard on the wall. I just told him to stay on his side of the house, turned out the light & shut the door. Lizards don't bother me. Now, I'm not going to touch one or let it hang from my ears or anything but as long as he doesn't crawl on me we're good. Fast forward to a couple of days later when I was going to run one morning. I turned on the light in the foyer like I always do & I spotted the lizard by the door. I was impressed he found the door, although the back door was much closer to the laundry room but whatevs. The only problem is when I start to open the door he freaks out & takes off to the dining room. Every single morning that I've run since then he's sitting by the door & every single morning he takes off.  I really can't believe he's still alive.  Yesterday, I thought about it when I turned on the light. Poor little lizard thought he was hiding but I guess he forgot about his tail. His whole little body was hiding under the rug but that long tail was sticking out. I'm really feeling sorry for him because he's starting to look a little shriveled up. I managed to block his way to the dining room & open the door & shoo him out. YAY HE'S FREE!!! I hope he was able to get some food & water & not be eaten by something bigger than him or those crazy birds we have. Do birds eat lizards??



  1. Yes, birds definitely will eat lizards. Roadrunners really like lizards & small rodents -- eww!

    Have a great 4th, Traci, even without the beach!

  2. How funny! You would simply FLIP if you lived here - black widows, lizards, and roaches - YES ROACHES have all invaded my house. Apparently when you spray/treat for one thing it "stirs others up". The pest control man and I are tight right now.
    I am OVER it!!
    I am also in pity mode too about having not been to the beach yet when ALL of my peeps have been MULTIPLE times. But thankfully, my aunt is taking us this month and has rented a huge house. Come hang out with us in Destin - if you can stand the double Bb! Ha!