Thursday, February 9, 2012

Weigh In Thursday

So this week I'm down .6. Not much but it's a loss. Today will be my 3rd Yoglates class this week too. I've been wearing my heart rate monitor during each class & I'm consistently burning between 415-450 calories. A couple of classes I've hit 500. I want to get back to my running but the weather hasn't been real cooperative. It seems to be raining on the days that I can go. I need to get back into the habit of going before work. It's just hard because even though we're not having what anyone would call a winter, it's still in the 40's-50's most mornings & that's cold to me. Have I mentioned I don't like cold?? 

Speaking of Yoglates, the New Years Resolution people are still there. I really thought they'd be gone by now. Maybe when we get back from the cruise. It's not that I don't think people should stick with their resolutions but some of these people are so annoying. They come in late, they leave early, the put their mats where there isn't room & now the latest annoyance, THE GRUNTERS. I cannot stand when people are grunting during a workout. Really, what's the point? Occasionally there are men that grunt but there are 2 new chicks that of course I always end up by & they grunt pretty much the whole class. UGH! Have I mentioned that people annoy me?

I've probably mentioned before that one of my biggest pet peeves is unpolished toe nails. I don't like to see naked toe nails. No offense to anyone if it isn't a priority for you. I really thought this was a common peeve. Now I'm thinking not so much. In Yoglates we work out barefooted so naturally you see a lot of toes. There are soooo many girls that don't have their toes polished! I guess what surprises me even more is that a lot of these people are sorority girls. It just seems to me that a group of people that have such strict dress codes for Rush & other assorted Sorority events wouldn't be so lax in the toenail area. I don't get pedicures all the time but I do ALWAYS have my toes polished. Since I've gone back to my natural fingernails I need to pick up some polish this weekend. I went through all of mine when I cleaned out my bathroom drawers & got rid of everything that was dried up. I can't tell you the last time I bought polish. I love all the OPI colors but it's always hard for me to choose from just looking at the bottle. Anyone have any faves?



  1. For summer, my fav OPI polish is Cajun Shrimp! :) Sounds perfect for you!!!

    Yay on .6 loss!!!!

  2. So needed the smile you brought out of me today!

  3. Well I like my OPI Muppets Meep Meep, which I think you would like. Beware of the Essie Aruba Blue. I thought it looks great, but it was a real B to get off.

    Are you going to start over the c25k?

  4. I would never leave the house without toe nail polish. That is always a must!
    I have noticed that today's young sorority girls are not like those I remember from the 80s - where everything was sprayed in place and painted just so. These days they seem to like sloppy ponytails, and less-put-togetherness.
    I took a pic of my toes before my gb surgery in July because I was polishless (as required by surgery orders) and it freaked out my friends.

  5. good thing my toes are polished. LOL.

  6. Congrats on losing even just a bit. I better now show my toenails to you, lol. I am going home tonight, flying into Baton Rouge. I hope the weather's not too bad now that I am just too used to Florida's 70's and sunny weather...Christine