Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Beware of your flat iron!

A couple of weeks ago on a Saturday morning I plugged my flat iron in & it wasn't working. I was not happy. It's a Chi so I wasn't thrilled with the prospect of having to buy a new one. Dean discovered that the flat iron did work, it was the outlets in our bathroom that didn't. Hmmm, now the price of a new Chi wasn't looking so bad considering what electricians cost. While Dean was checking things out I remembered the day before when I unplugged the flat iron I touched the plug & it burned me. I guess that should've been a clue that something was wrong because apparently, plugs aren't supposed to be hot when they're unplugged. I learn something new every day. Then I remembered that I'd smelled something electrical burning. I couldn't remember when it was but I knew it was one morning when I was getting dressed & Dean had already left for work which is why I didn't tell him & I never thought about again until we had the problem. So Dean turned off the breaker or whatever it is you do & took the face plate off.
Obviously, something was going on.
The plugs didn't look too bad.
On second thought I guess it was pretty bad. We went to Lowe's & Dean bought new plugs & replaced them & everything works again & when I unplug stuff nothing burns me. We don't know what happened but we're thinking maybe I leave my flat iron plugged in too long. Y'all know how hot those things get & maybe over time it melted the plug. Who knows but I'm being more careful & plugging it in shortly before I need it. It heats up fast so there's no need to plug in as early as I was anyway. I'm so thankful I didn't burn the house down.



  1. Glad it's just a minor thing that Dean can fix. I don't have to worry about flat irons, don't use them...Christine

  2. Oooh, sounds like it could have been big trouble. So glad you caught it in time.

    My DIL made lemon-filled cupcakes with a lemon frosting (seriously the most delicious thing I ever put in my mouth) for the adults at the baby's birthday party. The Man & I had not had any breads, flour, or added sugar in about 3 weeks, but we refused to be rude. We split a cupcake, & I was sick by the time I got home. It was such a weird thing. I felt woozy like I had had alcohol (none). I'm thinking I might have a wheat allergy -- oh, great!

  3. I burned my bathroom counter twice with my flat iron!

  4. That is so scary! Electricity scares me sometimes. I'm always worried about electrical fires. I'm glad all is well!

  5. Girl! So glad your house didn't burn down! Hair care can be dangerous! I have had 2 hair dryers blow up in my hand. On one of those occasions, it even shot black stuff under the skin of my palm.