Monday, February 13, 2012

Steroids are the DEVIL!!!

Friday when I got home from work Dean & I went shopping. We needed to pick up some things for the cruise & we needed to buy another modem. When Dean got home from work Wednesday our modem  had died. He went to Radio Shack & bought one & spent several hours trying to get it to work with no luck. Off to Best Buy we went. The little sales guy sounded like he new what he was talking about & assured us this would work. Yeh, not so much. Back to Radio Shack & we have internet again. 3rd time was the  charm! Yay!

We ate at Plucker's. I had the BBQ nachos. OMG, soooo good!! They had grilled chicken, BBQ sauce, rotel & onions. Loved them.  Not diet friendly but when you're at a place that specializes in wings you take what you get. 

Next up was Ulta. Since I've decided to go with my real nails I needed new polish.
I decided to do something I've never done. Buy a base coat & a top coat. Maybe my mani will last longer. We'll see. I had a hard time choosing colors because they have so many. There's a new Holland collection out so I got one from it.
It's called Pedal Faster Suzy. It's got some lavender in it.
This is Aphrodite's Pink Nightie. It's a little more pink & darker than the other one. I've gotten this one several times when I had fake nails. I really like it.

My friend Wendy told me about this great stuff for my lips.
 My lips stay in a chapped state & in the winter it's awful. I've tried a zillion different things. Some stuff works ok, some not so much. So far I really like this. I also love that it's multi functional. Apparently, it's great for your cuticles. I love that. One less product to buy. Sephora is the only place that sells this & it's $6.99. I didn't think that was bad considering how much regular lip stuff cost & this is a bigger container.

Saturday we spent the day at Dean's parents & had lunch. We went to Mass & then did a little more shopping. I'm trying to find a swimsuit for less than $100. Absolutely no luck so I'll be sucking it up &  going back to Dillard's this week.

I've said before about how unimpressed I am with Target. Well, it was awful in there Saturday night. Shelves weren't stocked, it was dirty. I can honestly say it was worse than Walmart & y'all know how I hate Walmart. UGH! Speaking of Walmart, I had to stop in there yesterday to get a few things that Target didn't have & I saw a lady doing her grocery shopping in a full length mink coat! Yes, it was freezing yesterday. I'm not sure it made it to 50 degrees but a mink coat to shop at Walmart? Really?? The highlight of the Target trip was this
It's really good. You can really taste the vanilla & it's a light roast coffee which I've determined is my fave.

I woke up during the very early morning hours Saturday & had a HORRIBLE sore throat. Lovely. I knew what was next, the ear aches & then I wouldn't be able to breathe. Stupid sinuses. I took Mucinex, drank lots of hot coffee & tea & was ok. Not great but I was able to function. By Saturday night the ears had started so when I got up yesterday I went to the after hours clinic. I need to be well. We leave Sunday on our cruise & I've hardly even thought about what I'm bringing much less start to pack. UGH! Of course I have a sinus infection & fluid in my ears. I let them give me a steroid shot. Normally, I don't because they keep me awake for days but I need to be well so I sucked it up. I also am on 10 days of antibiotics & have a $100 nasal spray. You know when they give you a $40 off coupon when they hand you the prescription it's not going to be good. Whatever. The Dr. also said to keep taking Mucinex. Soooo, we know what that means......I didn't go to sleep until midnight. I slept good until 3:15 & after that was cat naps until I got up at 5:30. I feel better than I did yesterday but not great but I'm not falling asleep at my desk either so that's good.

I had plans with my friends to go to lunch yesterday for our friend Jill's birthday. Since I'm not contagious I went to lunch. We went to California Pizza Kitchen. The good thing about Mucines is that it curbs my appetite. I had a cup of broccoli & asparagus soup & a wedge salad. It was good & the hot soup made my throat feel good. It was nice to get to spend some time with my friends.

Since the meds don't let me sleep I was able to watch the entire Grammy telecast. Oh joy. Yes, that's sarcasm. Judging by Twitter I must be the only person over the age of 12 that actually likes Taylor Swift & her music. It's nice to see someone young that writes their own music, sings & plays an instrument & doesn't need auto tune. I think Adele has a beautiful voice but I HATE HATE HATE that Rolling In The Deep song. Then there was the debacle that is Niki Minaj. I mean seriously, what was that???? I'm not one of those people that gets offended by stupid crap that people do because that's on them but having a Priest as part of your performance doesn't sit well with me. Don't mess with religion, any religion.  I hate that Super Bass song she sings too. I'm still not sure what was going on with the black Micky Mouse head either. If I was Disney I'd be on the phone with someone about trademark infringement this morning. Don't think that I'm an old fogey that doesn't get the music of today. I think everyone that knows me will tell you I like a wide variety of music. I love New Kids On The Block, Snoop Dogg (don't judge), Rascal Flatts, Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, The Fray, Bon Jovi, Lady Gaga (the music, not so much the person), etc.

After going back & proofing this post I see I'm all over the place. Just remember it's the steroids.



  1. I'm a Rosebud fanatic! My grandmother has used it forever and I love it. I bet we have dozens of containers all over our house. I've been buying the tube version at Sephora lately because It is easier to open! ;) Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I hope you feel better in time for your trip...being sick is the pits! I didn't watch the Grammys...guess I missed some good entertainment?!?! LOL

  3. Did you say BBQ nachos? Yumo!

    I just may have to invest in the Rosebud stuff. My lips are HORRIBLE!! And my other stuff is simply not cutting it. Ugh.

    You must have a gazillion colors of pink polish. I know you are a polish lovah like me. :)

  4. Yikes...Hope you feel better asap lady!

  5. The strawberry Rose Bud salve is great too! The Holland collection is all the rage right now! I love those colors!

  6. I haven't been in Ulta yet, but was just reading through their add in Sunday's paper & think I need to buzz in there. I've heard their Minerals makeup is nice.

    Get well, lady! You definitely don't want to be sick on your cruise.

  7. Wow, Traci....LOVE your mirror! you mentioned your lips are always chapped. Were you serious? Are they ALWAYS chapped? I ask because I went through that several years ago and finally realized that I was reacting to LIPSTICK! ANY colored lipstick does it. The only thing I have found that I can wear with color in it is Burt's Bees! Amazing! On another note.....I am hoping you get better before you leave, but don't stop taking those antibiotics if you do get better. Take them until they are gone!

  8. At about 10pm during the Grammys, I started vomiting violently - lasted for 12 hours...I think it may have been the curse of Nicki Minaj...or that evil Mouse head...
    You have been busy! Hope the ear heals QUICK!