Monday, February 6, 2012

I ate cake

Among other things. Seriously, I don't know where my willpower has gone but it's left the building. Friday night we ate at Boutin's & I got a big array of fried stuff along with a cup of seafood gumbo. I gave it to Dean because it had a dark roux & I don't like that. It's too strong.

Saturday, we went to buy more flagstone. I'll do a post on that little project once it's done. We went to my parents afterwards & Logan came & played.
Poor Little Man is having his adenoids taken out & tubes put in tomorrow so everyone say some prayers please. Once we got home it started raining & was so yuck. I didn't do anything but lay on the sofa & read & nap. Saturday night we went to eat at Casa Maria. I didn't do too bad eating wise. I had chalupa's & there was lots of lettuce, tomatoes & grilled chicken. After dinner we went to my friend Liz's surprise birthday party. She was really surprised!
Her hubs thought of everything. Liz's dad lives next door & they knew she would know something was up if people were parked there so they told her that the neighbors were having a party & using her dad's driveway. Her hubs also told her that the garage door was broke so she'd have to come in through another door so we could all see her. It was so fun. She wasn't real thrilled that she had her scrubs on since she'd been working all day. This is where the cake comes in. I did really good not eating any of the party food, which is my fave, but I ate cake. Multiple pieces. I couldn't help it. The cake was huge & Liz was begging people to eat it because her hubs had already bought her a cake the day before so she wouldn't be suspicious. One half of the cake was chocolate doberge & the other half lemon doberge. How can you pick one over the other? It was really good.

Sunday I didn't do much of anything either aside from laying on the sofa & reading. I did manage to get up long enough to get my nails done. I've decided to go back to my real nails for the time being. I've been getting gel nails for awhile. I get tired of having to go hang out at the nail place every couple of weeks. Plus I thought it would be good to give them a break. Not to mention I'll be saving some moolah!
I was pleasantly surprised that they weren't in really bad shape. You can see some little ridges but other than that they're good. I got them cut fairly short & picked a really light pink polish. It's called Got a Date To-Knight by OPI. It's hard to tell in the lovely iPhone pic but in person you can see that the color is light pink. Last night we went  to our friends house for the Super Bowl. There was more eating. Gumbo, smoked salmon & lots & lots of dips. MUST GET BACK ON TRACK! UGH!



  1. Girl, everybody deserves a bite of cake every now and then! You shouldn't feel guilty as well as you have done. Prayers for Logan and his family. Enjoy your week!

  2. Don't sweat the small stuff like eating cake. Have your cake and enjoy it!

  3. I like gel nails, but I have not had them - or a manicure - since 1995. Seriously.