Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat

How was everyone's Halloween? Ours was good. When I got home from work yesterday one of the local news channels was a couple of houses down in the cul de sac. We turned on the news & they were live talking about sex offenders. WHAT??? Do we have them in our neighborhood? Dean assured me that no we do not. Apparently, he checks the website regularly. Who knew?? The story was actually about all the precautions you should take with your kids trick or treating & how sex offenders aren't allowed to dress up, give out candy, etc.

We went to a neighbors for hot dogs, chili & all the fixings along with brownies & of course lots of candy. A couple of us just brought our candy to her house & we had an "assembly line of candy" as one kid called it.

Halloween always gets me thinking about what parents are teaching their kids. There are some really rude kids out there! Not to mention the inappropriate costumes. I mean should a 10 yr old really dress up as a homeless person & carry around a sign that says "Will work for candy or beer"?? Then there are the give ups.  If you're 15 & want to trick or treat can you at least come up with a costume? Saying you're an "LSU fan" is NOT a costume. OH & to the mom that came up with her kid & had a bag & says "this is for the one in the stroller" & when you look at the street you see a kid that's less than a year old. Really mom??? You're not fooling anyone!!

Oh & I how could I forget the kids wearing the white trash bags with the words "White Trash" written on them?? Can you say give up?? These kids took it to another level. Dean was across the street & they started to walk up our driveway. No lights are on because I'm 2 houses down with our candy. Dean hollers that there's nobody home. The kids continue to the front door & one of them opens my front door! WTH kid?? Yes, I know it's my fault for leaving the door unlocked but we're in & out & Dean was across the street. Well, Dean yelled at him & off they went.

I know I sound like a Halloween scrooge which I'm really not. The majority of the kids were cute & polite & said thank you but the ones that weren't really made an impression.



  1. That is just nuts the kid opened your door!!!

  2. I just ran on to your blog and loved this post! Ha, I can def relate to your thinkings on the costumes and so on! I will def be following your blog! Have a great day!


  3. I cannot believe how people behave sometimes.We did not have a single treat or trickers so now I am left with all the candies to finish, lol...Christine

  4. "Will work for candy or beer" is pretty funny, but inappropriate for a 10 year old. Candy for the kid in the stroller – yea, just not right. We had one kid that had two buckets. He said one was for him and the other was for his brother. We said… yea, whatever. We just laughed. He yells at his dad in the truck driving by each house… they don’t believe me. Apparently his brother was sick and was sitting in the truck. The dad just laughed.

  5. OH and the kid who opened the door - WTH is wrong with that kid. I guess he thought he was going to help himself to a treat!

  6. Nooo, we thought the same thing! We passed out some candy on the firetrucks and some kids just snatched and ran! Thank goodness there were some nice ones who said thank you!!

  7. LAWD! My friend and I were discussing today that we want to get some really nasty things to put in the bags of some of the types of kids you mentioned - and of those teenagers who don't bother to dress at all and bring pillow cases.
    One thing that really irritates me is how designers have turned Halloween into a slutfest for little girls. The parents should be arrested for purchasing them!