Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thankful Thursday

I'm skipping the weigh in post until my hip is better because I'm not able to exercise at all. I was planning to go to Yoglates but decided against it since I was told to do "light stretching". There's nothing light about Yoglates. My hip is getting better. I had no idea how bummed out I would get about not being able to exercise. Hopefully, all will be good soon.

Everyone on FB & all over blog land is doing the whole Thankful thing this month. I decided to join in but mine is going to be a little different. Of course I'm grateful for my family & friends, Church, job, etc. I guess that's not a given in all cases but in mine it is so this list is all the completely trivial things that I'm thankful for.
  • Vacation days so that I can work 4 day weeks. LOVE the 4 day week!! (yes this is one)
  • Twitter, Facebook & TMZ- I've said before that everything you need to know you can find out through one of those outlets.
  • I seem to be addicted to exercise - So happy that finally happened!
  • LSU beat Bama
  • ESPN - Yes, I'm a girl but it keeps me entertained
  • Erin Condren  - LOVE LOVE LOVE my planner
  • The Internet - I got lots of Christmas shopping done this week & I never had to leave my chair
  • No sugar added Nestles Quik - LOVE chocolate milk!
  • Starbucks - Wish I had time this morning.
  • I was able to finish the 5K Saturday with a good time
  • My Nook
  • My iPhone
Told ya it was trivial. What are y'all thankful for?



  1. Thankful for little posts like this because it gives me little glimpses into peoples lives. :)

    I am a big fan of Choc. milk too! * slurp*

  2. Four day weeks are the best! Can't wait to have the hubs home tomorrow!

  3. I wish I could have done 4 day weeks when I was still working, Traci. Enjoy them! I am thankful for too many to mention....Christine